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  1. punkzerboy

    [ROM] [ALL] [KK] CarbonRom [4.4.4]

    Excellent, but you miss calendar and apollo or other music player.... also doesn't have init.d suport. Sorry for my bad english
  2. punkzerboy

    [ROM] [ALL] [KK] CarbonRom [4.4.4]

    NFC. That's because I said 99% ;) Regards!
  3. punkzerboy

    [ROM] [ALL] [KK] CarbonRom [4.4.4]

    If you use G510 It will work.. are 99% compatible.
  4. One of the smoothest, even using facebook, telegram, whatsapp, messenger, twitter and others... also great battery life and with just adding greenify get excellent battery life
  5. Hi, a couple of questions... It will be weekly for Y300? Or should I use the G510 build ? Thanks and sorry for my English :P EDIT: I found it! xD
  6. great.. waiting to "pimp up" my Y300 with your upcoming new build.... :P
  7. Is the new build with DSB and QS out ? If not... when? Thanks
  8. thanks for the help, sometmes i forgot this forum is in english and his letters too xD
  9. I add zipalign and faststrimm scripts (by luca) and the fc's problems gets fixed, try to do that
  10. Take your time dude... there's no problem, take your time and make it right like always do
  11. Thanks chil & luca...... for me this ROM and AOSPA ROM are incredible ROMs Thanks for your work and dedication (Sorry, my English is rusty)