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  1. geefunk

    Blade v

    Selling mine on ebay if anyone interested? Vg condition
  2. geefunk

    Volume Boost

    OK, I've started using viper4android, and it really helps with clarity, dynamics,etc. BUT now whenever the screen is off, the audio stutters and drops out. So I've been reading up about changing the CPU govenor, anyone recommend a suitable one for this phone + audio? Thanks
  3. geefunk

    Low volume

    I totally agree. I had a Sony Ericsson before this, and the quality was so much better. The volume limit is so much lower on the Blade. Like you, I've tried different music apps without much success. Currently trying viper4Android which has a lot of positive conments on xda. Not convinced yet, but will persevere.
  4. geefunk

    ZTE Blade V Stock ROMs

    Well I rooted, deleted bloatware on 2.1, but on the upgrade to 2.2 obviously it returned to stock, so all bloat back. Will try again when I delete the rubbish.
  5. geefunk

    ZTE Blade V Stock ROMs

    Not sure why, but I only got a score of 4432?
  6. geefunk

    ZTE Blade V Stock ROMs

    Thanks. I tried it, and everything seemed ok until I switched off wifi, and noticed no 3G. narrowed it down to APN settings, but there weren't any to select. Tried inputting them manually and saving, but still none could be selected. The APN page was just blank, which meant I didn't have any data... reverted back to 2.1 for now, as I couldn't work it out. thanks again
  7. geefunk

    ZTE Blade V Stock ROMs

    So does that mean I can install this Firmware for my UK (Virgin) Blade? I'm unrooted (as yet), what changes would there be for the Czech version to the UK version? thanks
  8. geefunk

    Do earphones with built-in microphone work?

    I use iPhone headphones, and the mic works perfectly well