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  1. Jairus1998 added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]TeslaOS v2.2 [23/09/15]   

    Our device does not have a bootloader. Only recovery and fastboot
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  2. Jairus1998 added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]TeslaOS v2.2 [23/09/15]   

    You got what you've requested 
    Download link: https://mega.nz/#!LtEUyTST!g3zx-iIehMIMq2p59vXCDP41Fd-reuf25IjL0HoBx1g
    It's a kernel with ZRAM disable and default (with non of my tweaks)
    It is still unknown
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  3. Jairus1998 added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]TeslaOS v2.2 [23/09/15]   

    If you want a kernel with zram disable. I can do it for you but not today cause Im on a holiday. I will use the same set-up as I do to SlimLP
    Do you want ZRAM and SWAP disable or ZRAM ONLY. Make a choice
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  4. Jairus1998 added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.9 [06/10/15]   

    This won't be added in the next Lollipop5.1.1_r(x) release because it got rejected. Need to add manually by begging chil360
    (Look at the very top from this list)
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  5. Jairus1998 added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.9 [06/10/15]   

     Here is the source code for radio active bug fix 
    Thanks to this developer
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  6. Jairus1998 added a post in a topic ROM 4.1 Lollipop Style Framework SystemUI Lockscreen.. REQUEST   

    Can you port ART runtime to stock. If yes, will it be possible to work with ART runtime. If yes, tell me because design is not necessary for me yet
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  7. Jairus1998 added a post in a topic [ROM][4.4.4][ALL] SlimKat 9.0 UNOFFICIAL [25/09/2015]   

    Wipe camera data by going into setting or using any app like titanium  backup or etc.. 
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  8. Jairus1998 added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]TeslaOS v2.2 [23/09/15]   

    No you can't. Why?, This ROM is odexed and Xposed won't work with odexed ROMs
    The latest of @chil360 kernel is already in it even the one you've mention. 
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  9. Jairus1998 added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.9 [06/10/15]   

    Im sorry. I do not know what is the main cause because I find it is from SlimLP. Like what @TheNamesis584 says, we will see with @srfariass ROM's. Then we compare. 
    I will be sticking with SlimLP and see if I can do some temporary fix. I can't do a permanent fixes since I got no laptop of my own and I'm using family PC to modify with the kernel, if I Install Linux on my PC. My dad will kill me. So sorry I can't do much. 
    I will share not only my kernel but others. I have a lot of script, mods etc, for SlimLP 5.1.1 only. DO NOT try to flash D# ArtRuntime [13][Y300].zip because Y300 and G510 are odexed ROM. If you ask why, I port all apps and framework from G330 so that I can change the dalvik optimization for my ROM which means more storage used [1.07Gb on my /data]. I repartition my phone, you guys don't do it, it is extremely risky.But you guys can have my shares. This is what I flash everytime when I flash SlimLP. 
    LINK: https://mega.nz/#F!64UXUK6J!ZPVGlBTmN1wf355au1Foog
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  10. Jairus1998 added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.9 [06/10/15]   

    I got that issue but its not a black screen issue. It's either RAM or systemUI. 
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  11. Jairus1998 added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.9 [06/10/15]   

    That is not a black screen. That is RAM overload. Blackscreen is when your phone got problem from waking up during deep sleep. Please understand
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  12. Jairus1998 added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.9 [06/10/15]   

    You can prevent from getting blackscreen but it's not a fix. This so called 'Blackscreen" happened (sometimes) when your phone goes to deep sleep. This is my theory, DO NOT unlock you phone immediately after you lock of it will get black screen. Just give 10s or more. I haven't test with my theory ,but I have experience getting the blackscreen with immediate unlock.
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  13. Jairus1998 added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.9 [06/10/15]   

    Good evening guys. I've modified chil360 kernel by changing governor and others. 
    Just wanna update to you guys but this is an optional choice if you want. 
    Download link: https://mega.nz/#F!C0lxxbTL!zitBc0nYahrI9-NsZIA6NA
    Before you ask. What is the pros and cons 
    Lock frequncy (max 1047Mhz & min 245Mhz)
    Interactive default governor
    Customize Interactive governor (making more responsive)
    Mpdecision disable by default
    Changed minfree value  (agressive on empty applications) 
    Changed uksm value 
    Changed vm values (copied from moddingg33k kernel and customized a bit)
    Changed I/O schedule to "fiops"
    I have active SWAPON (version A# Y300 [44][SlimLP) with ZRAM disable.
    Change the intelliplug profile from 'eco performance' to 'balanced' 
    ZRAM disable by default. I think script might not work unless you know what you're doing. Recomended app like kernel adiutor.
    NOTE: There are few kernels to select. If you don't know which to choose, take the biggest number which means latest  e.g [xx]. If you ask why I don't delete the old ones is because they are my emergency kernel.
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  14. Jairus1998 added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.9 [06/10/15]   

    Our phone don't support 720p+ video quality 
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  15. Jairus1998 added a post in a topic [ROM][5.1.1][ALL]SlimLP Beta 0.9 [06/10/15]   

    Extremely effective @chil360. I tested the benchmark, all was good and very smooth. I'm gonna mod this 
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