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  1. Installation takes time because chil360 is not using blocks. It can take up to 5 mins or more so please wait.
  2. I've made a repack kernel from Temasek CM13 because that's the only kernel which is up to date. SAMAUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 Available: ~ CM12.1 ~ Slim6 ~ SlimLP ~ CM13.0 Download link: https://mega.nz/#F!3tFnHQYI!vbxjnmJMhJFN0N27syM5Ow Changelog: https://github.com/temasek/android_kernel_samsung_hlte/commits/m
  3. This has to mod the framework base. You can't do that in a ROM, you can mod this in Linux. This ROM is F-AOSP and not much features to be expected. You still have to use gravitybox
  4. Well done @FLRIZDARKK It is sad that my Y300 is now dead.
  5. OFFICIAL MATERIAL DESIGN TWRP [Flash edition] U8825 U8833 [RECOMMEND] U8951 [FIXING][EXPERIMENTAL AVAILABLE] INSTALL INSTRUCTION: Download based on your device Move to your sdcard0/sdcard1 Enter recovery Flash!! FOLDER LINK: https://mega.co.nz/#F!39cRzDLL!l5vyEURlSJX0qJ4sbCCZOA BUG'S: Screen Blinking (sometimes) TWRP bugs Credits; TWRP kra105 Z31s1g (theme creator)
  6. https://www.perforce.com/blog/141218/git-beyond-basics-using-shallow-clones @chil360
  7. Is it possible to build a legacy version or your latestdisplay-caf is stable for daily use.
  8. I have an idea. If you want to put your SDcard as internal storage, why not you format your SDcard to ext4 in recovery then the ROM should detect your SDcard as internal due to ext4 file system.
  9. Not for Y300 & G510 because of odexed
  10. Restart your phone and change to lower quality
  11. Im aware of that bro. I can watch 480p
  12. I assume you know where to download. Extract the dload file and put it in the root of your sdcard. (/sdcard/dload). Power off your phone then press ; Volume up + Volume down + Power button at the same time
  13. yes. I understand. I've encountered it before. If it is blue screen related or anything. Dload is the method. I got bricked twice. 1st was 'SWAP' and 2nd was playing with partition.
  14. The only way to fix is to restoreby using update firmware method. Dload method
  15. @chil360Are you going to do SlimMM project or stick to CM13. I'm a Slim ROMs fan.

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