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  1. Gemini replacement charger

    Hi Can anyone tell me whether chargers for gemini products are the same as i wish to buy a replacement but cannot find one for the D10. Will a charger for the joytab do the job for example Thanks
  2. root gemini d10

    Thank you. i dont wish to sound rude or ignorant, but i'm new to all this and need to know exactly what i'm doing. Unfortunately i dont speak the language, so wouldnt really know what i was doing. thanks again for response though.
  3. root gemini d10

    Hi again. Apparently rooting a tablet is a good idea. Is there anyway to do this to a gemini d10? And is it sttaightforward as this is my daughters tablet and i dont want to mess anything up for her. Thanks again
  4. rooting????

    Hi i'm very new to tablets and everyone keeps asking how to root devices!!! What does this mean? And would it be beneficial. Laymans terms would be appreciated no jargon. Thanks
  5. Apps to SD card?

    OK. That will be why Gemini are ignoring my emails about this, seeing as there product descrfiption of the tablet includes - "you can upgrade your memory with the addition of a 32GB micro SD card. Store thousands of songs hundreds of movies and more apps than you could ever wish for" Thanks for your help anyway.
  6. Apps to SD card?

    Hi Thanks for reply. I have done that but it seems to put stuff on the "internal sd card". Is there any way of putting stuff on the 32 GB external card? thanks again
  7. Apps to SD card?

    Does anyone know how you move apps and stuff to an external sd card on the gemini d10. Thanks
  8. Disappearing Apps on Gemini D10

    Hi. I had the same problem. If you got the apps from amazon go into amazon apps. Click on the three dots at the bottom of the screen and select my apps. here you will see the apps on the device. If you click on cloud, there will be some more apps listed, some will say open and some will say download. the ones that say download should be the missing ones. click download for each app and the refresh the page.These apps should the disappear and you should be able to open them again with all data saved. Discovered this purely by accident. hope this helps.
  9. Disappearing Apps on Gemini D10

    I hadnt been. its my daughters tablet. ive just installed a micro sd card with a view to moving everything to it and doing a factory reset. tablet tells me stuff has been moved to it, but nothing appears to be on the card. thanks
  10. Disappearing Apps on Gemini D10

    I hadnt been using one. its my daughters tablet, have just installed a micro SD with a view to moving everything to it and doing a factory reset. The tablet tells me that stuff has been moved to the sd card, but there doesnt appear to be anything on it!
  11. Hi, I have some apps that seem to disappear from the tablet, but when i try and reinstall, get told that they are already installed. Can anyone help please. Thanks

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