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  1. Hy, I have problems opening the ROM zip file. I alwways get the msg: "E:Can´t open /sdcard/cm-11-20140505-ZeeLogKANG-blade.zip (bad) Installation aborted" I downloaded the file three times, because some times the download was aborted. Any ideas? Thx EDIT: Sometimes three times are not enough... working now. Anyhow, maybe you could help me and give me a link to a topic for setting up the sdcard right. I mean I want to extend my internal memory to use the sd card. THANKS!
  2. I now used 2,5GB of my 8GB SD card. The ROM is now very, very slow... I don´t know if it will be fast, if I will set it up smaller size. Could it be? Also I got msgs that some services/apllications are stopping (after waiting a long time for reaction of the blade). thx
  3. What do think how big I can make the ext3 partition?
  4. Hei dreis911, I can´t find the folder for the bootanimation. I used ASTRO Filemanager (assuming that I have root rights, coz CWM is installed) but I just find "SDCAR0" and if I go one level in the filestructure up there are just some other folders (system and so on) but no media folder. SDCARD0 is my extra SDcard (8GB) but not the internal memory space. Other thing: How much of the internal space can I use for installing apps? Can I partition the whole internal space for it, or is it not wise? I have the problem that the internal space is too small to install apps (to then move them to the extra SDCARD). Can I use ROM Manager from CWM for it? Thanks!
  5. Hei, I just installed the ROM. Seem like everything is working. And way much more smooth then MIUI before! Thanks again KonstaT!
  6. Thanks dreis911 for that inof. About the installation of the ROM, did I guessed right about CWM? @KonstaT: It would be awesome if you port the 4.4.2 to the blade. I know it must be alot of work and I understand if you don´t do it for such an old phone. I am just a user and I am not into that android programming/porting stuff. Just an hint for you, that some people may happy about that =) I think KitKat should run more smooth, coz it is programmed for devices with 512MB of RAM.
  7. First I want to say thanks to KonstaT! It is amazing that you are developing this mod. I got the information about it thru XDA, but there are also still discussion going on android-hilfe.de which is a German website. I lost my S3 LTE and now I want to use the Blade (coz no money). I got the ZTE Blade from a friend, which had already installed MIUI and CWM and resized the partition. How can I install the MOD from KonstaT? Do I just have to transfer the zip files for Gapps and CM10.2 to extSD-card and then reboot in CWM and install them (with full wipe before and after)? Here same information according to my Blade: ClockWorkMod Version Information from the App "Blade Checker": European Blade (512MB RAM) detected TPT Upgrade Gen 2 Phone detected Use Gen 1 style TPTs Current partition sizes: System: 215MB Data: 203MB Cache: 37MB Modell: ZTE Blade San Francisco Grey ZTE P729V Android 4.1.2 MIUI 2.12.28 Thanks alot for you help! Btw, how can I install the bootanimation from the first post?