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  1. Upgraded my G510 from kitkat CM 4.4.4 to: - TWRP-2.7.10-G510.zip - cm-12.1-20150602-UNOFFICIAL-u8833.zip - pa_gapps-modular-micro-5.1-20150315-signed.zip (http://www.androidrootz.com/2015/03/download-android-51x-lollipop-pa-gapps.html) - no other tweaks errors: reboot during www.speedtest.net and 1 black screen so far after 1 day. This rom is quite good. Thx for the hard work.
  2. What is the benefit of installing the latest child360 kernel, version 0.49, on top of a recent cm 4.4.4 nightly build on a g510?
  3. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2397942 I use the mirco one....
  4. Hi, I upgraded my G510 after format /system from build CM 20140321 to 20140622. Everything is working fine except my google play services has stopped (3 stop messages). Now I can not find and download apps (no connection to server). Do I have to wipe Dalvik Cache before? And/or install the latest GAPS (date 20-6)? Or is this an error in this nightly? Thx. Solved: installed the GAPS 4.4.4 version from 20-6 and google play is working again. (without wipe Dalvik cache)
  5. I use these GAPS succesfull: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2397942 What's the difference (technically) with the one in the first post? Thx, G510-0100 CM11 Latest nightly build (almost)
  6. Latest nightly build february 6th is running fine (G510) with stripped mini and calender GAPPS. Except the clock widget on the start screen takes forever to start and the clock app is not working (clocked stopped). The first problem occured after the build of january 18th and the second bug with all builds. Note: Antutu benchmark 7955
  7. Any info about the stability of the latest nightly 4.4.3 cm11 builds for g510? I currently use the January 18th build having some minor issues. Need some advice about when to upgrade? Thx applegate
  8. Huawei G510-0100 with build CM11-20140123-NIGHTLY-u8951 and CWM Recovery Gapps: stripped + calender - livewallpapers (deleted) (note: stock Huawei firm and android 4.2.1 is about 6800 - Antutu benchmark app)
  9. Great work ;) running the latest 4.4.2. build - January 21st - on my G510-100. Installed only gapps stripped + calender and now running very fast, smooth with a long battery time for a phone just about 145 euro's. This is so much better then the Huawei stock firm :D
  10. I installed successfully, with CWM, on my Huawei G510-100 android 4.4.2: pa_gapps-modular-mini4.4.2.20140111-google-now-signed.zip. How can I uninstall this? Thx