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  1. NaqiKiller

    [ROM] Expert V4 FINAL [CM10.1] [4.2.2]

    Thats interesting....tell me if you did anything!!!!
  2. NaqiKiller

    [ROM] Expert V4 FINAL [CM10.1] [4.2.2]

    Yeah it works well if you watch music videos with mxplayer but when you watch video which you made with camera of your y300/g510....it will play with lags.
  3. NaqiKiller

    [ROM] Expert V4 FINAL [CM10.1] [4.2.2]

    No not working......Mx player is not working perfect with this rom. . Edit... . Solved...just installed vlc from playstore and yes its working!
  4. NaqiKiller

    [ROM] Expert V4 FINAL [CM10.1] [4.2.2]

    Hey i by mistake deleted joe vlc..... Anyone have any idea how to reinstall.... I tried installing it from data files of rom but failed.
  5. NaqiKiller

    [ROM] Expert V4 FINAL [CM10.1] [4.2.2]

    This ROM is the best,...
  6. Loved Expert ROM V4..... Its the best.....no lags....very fast and the best cm ROM for daily use.
  7. Wallpapers i mostly use.
  8. FusionX.. Stark icon pack (1.99$)
  9. I asked about best performance ROM's in my previous posts, I know all available ROM's have a bit lags, i use both you recommended but i was thinking of making this device more stable for daily use.......and sure i am going to buy a better device soon!
  10. I need a ROM.... Good looking and stable for daily use....... Didn't want high performance because i just play games sometime when i get bored. (Flappy bird,little gunfighter.etc) Which doesn't occupy much memory space. Which one do you think is good for me??
  11. I talked to a lots of guys around on XDA..., They tried to port for my device but when i tried, It wasn't ported succesfully.. Now i think its not possible to port Nokia X rom for our device!
  12. Thats the problem, I dont know how to Port..... I read a lot by using but wasn't successful.
  13. hey, is this possible to port this ROM for HUAWEI Y300?? . http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2710107
  14. Well you are right.... I dont like there launcher the-most,,,all i love in Nokia X Rom is their status bar and font style! I am gone bored of android stock status bar!! Edit If anyone will made such statusbar, i will prefer it more then flashing a rom!
  15. After checking all the posts,i think i am the only guy here who want nokia X UI,. And i am currently on my stock,. Will restore my backup of previous rom soon and upload screenshots soon!!