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  1. Thats interesting....tell me if you did anything!!!!
  2. Yeah it works well if you watch music videos with mxplayer but when you watch video which you made with camera of your y300/ will play with lags.
  3. No not working......Mx player is not working perfect with this rom. . Edit... . Solved...just installed vlc from playstore and yes its working!
  4. Hey i by mistake deleted joe vlc..... Anyone have any idea how to reinstall.... I tried installing it from data files of rom but failed.
  5. This ROM is the best,...
  6. Loved Expert ROM V4..... Its the lags....very fast and the best cm ROM for daily use.
  7. Wallpapers i mostly use.
  8. FusionX.. Stark icon pack (1.99$)
  9. I asked about best performance ROM's in my previous posts, I know all available ROM's have a bit lags, i use both you recommended but i was thinking of making this device more stable for daily use.......and sure i am going to buy a better device soon!
  10. I need a ROM.... Good looking and stable for daily use....... Didn't want high performance because i just play games sometime when i get bored. (Flappy bird,little gunfighter.etc) Which doesn't occupy much memory space. Which one do you think is good for me??
  11. I talked to a lots of guys around on XDA..., They tried to port for my device but when i tried, It wasn't ported succesfully.. Now i think its not possible to port Nokia X rom for our device!
  12. Thats the problem, I dont know how to Port..... I read a lot by using but wasn't successful.
  13. hey, is this possible to port this ROM for HUAWEI Y300?? .
  14. Well you are right.... I dont like there launcher the-most,,,all i love in Nokia X Rom is their status bar and font style! I am gone bored of android stock status bar!! Edit If anyone will made such statusbar, i will prefer it more then flashing a rom!
  15. After checking all the posts,i think i am the only guy here who want nokia X UI,. And i am currently on my stock,. Will restore my backup of previous rom soon and upload screenshots soon!!

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