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  1. Dunno how much it helps but I know that BFQ I/O scheduler is best for usb data transfer rate. don't know how faster it will be, i'm not experiecing slow transef rate because I use ftp client a transfer data through wifi.
  2. I kew that it hasn't anything to do with rom. Thanks for making it clear to me. About an update, I do understand. I'm thinking about buying a new phone too. But could you help me with another issue..? When I'm trying to install a new app, the phone reboots and don't install it. It's a problem, because I can not get any new app. Where is the problem? EDIT: Problem solved... UGBADQ
  3. Yesterday I have experienced another bug. The battery was low and I needed sth to do so I turned it back on and when it started to shut off again the battery was totally empty and it doesn't turn off properly. After I turn it on, I noticed that all system settings were set to deafult, even security pattern. Is there sth to do, that it won't happen again? PS: How does it look with an update?
  4. Thanks for response. About that launcher, i suggest not-updateable modified Holo launcher and mod, that will make it updateable if it isn't too much extra work. Basic KitKat theme is needless for me. I love this theme.
  5. Thanks H3ROS, firstly I have to say: unbelievable amazing ROM. Good-looking, stable, easy installation and with no bugs or errors. Great job! Unfortunately, I have to say that I'm experiencing an issue. It's about Dolby audio. I like it, but I want to have it swithed off on default. The issue is that when i reboot phone Dolby is on, while in settings it looks like it is still switched off. I have to turn it on and off and everything is ok. It is just insignificant bug, but if it could be solved, the ROM will be totally perfect. And there is another bug, that can have nothing to do with ROM but with my service provider. Sometimes, using HSDPA, it gets stuck on upload and cannot do anything. Turning mobile data off then on does fix it. Also insignificant when there is switcher in notification bar. As you can see after using this rom for 3 months i found only these two issues. It's unbelievable how stable the ROM is, with all the functions, no bugs and it is still being developed and supported! Thank you a lot. Hats off to H3ROS! Can't wait to see another update. I'm looking forward to have battery in percentage. PS: I hope that it is intelligible. My english is not good enough.