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  1. Yes, Ceastel! This one (3.1.0) has finaly working reboot!!! I sugest to turn off screen timeout to speed up recovery initial screen.
  2. cm13, resurrection remix 5.7.x, slim6 with ril fix, infinitiveos 1.x,...
  3. for aosp keyboard has stopped working, flash to solve this problem. Yes, *Gapps are great memory/cpu hog... maybe to disable zRAM and use swap > 150Mb ? Or use microG framework.
  4. Brace yourselves, "make android 8.0 rom for y300/g510" requests are coming!
  5. Also enable "intelli-plugin" and chose exp. "eco-performance".
  6. Yup, their server need few days to "pick a right moment" to finish "giving a code"... (dok se porodi).
  7. Is that app the same as "huawei y300 all-in-one" pack from: , cause it contain also dc-unlocker + fastboot commands for boot unlock (with code from Huawei) and recovery flash?
  8. Thank you Robert for support. Well, preferred roms are nougat (not available), marshmallow (become boring) and kitkat (excellent but old); lollipop is underestimated but in golden middle...
  9. microG + Xposed framework + FakeGapps module + This app will work without Google Play services module should work... and still much better performance than OpenGapps. maybe with older version of G+. Did you enabled GPfProxy? and Google cloud messaging period?
  10. March build is uploading! I hope it will be last one, if Google does not update 6.0.1 above r79. No new rom for march.
  11. Still not concrete solution. Maybe automatic brightness, often BS happen after finished call, maybe low CPU freq. is too low, maybe MultiProcessor decision, etc....
  12. No, - I can not find full legacy dev.tree, - SlimKat suggests to use CAF version for QCom devices, Legacy is for non-QCom, - android source just got update from 4.4.4_r2 to 4.4.4_r2.0.1 <-- thats all that can be updated.
  13. Yes, you right, again. Slim6 has not thread, chil360 starts testing Slim6 builds and find them interesting and put them on Slim6 (and LineageOS 13 with Slim6 device tree) have problem with speak-to-otherside, but CM-13 builds has not such a problem, cause chil360 use prebuilt "rild" and "radio" from CM commit by LGHackTeam. You can try to flash ril+audio+radio fix from!F1hmmICR!22r532OdQ_gwphqHy9kwCg or replace all files contain "ril", "audio" and "radio" from CM13 to Slim6 zip file.
  14. Yes, you are right. Xposed 2.7 don't work on SK, but 2.6.1 works very well. Should works on SK 9.1 CAF, also. Did you wipe cache and dalvik-cache after flashing sdk19 libraries?

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