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  1. Good to know that. Uploading is done, spoofed and original services.
  2. Not a problem, delete /system/etc/init.d/98-disable-sensor and reboot. Better option is to disable sensor and add transparent lockscreen like on Samsung phones? Or enable double tap on back/home/home to turn off screen.
  3. Thanks. Also try march build of LOS13, services.jar is not patch to work with microG if you have the same problem.
  4. Yes, you are right. This can solve, but ca not prevent bootloop. Modded google play store works fine, maybe is problem with yalp and permissions, or maybe is problem with patched services.jar (faked signatures).
  5. Sorry to heard that, but thanks for sharing major bug. OS optimaze all system apps (/app and /priv-app) and frameworks. Maybe it optimize user apps (/data/app/...), try to deodex app before update. Example. /system/app/Camera.apk ~ 5MB, OS make: /system/app/Camera.apk (2MB) + /system/app/oat/arm/Camera.odex (12 Mb). Odexed apps can not be updated. Use, on example, Lucky Patcher, choose app, tools > remove odex with changes (restore app), then try to update. If not succeed, uninstall app (from G.Play store) and reinstall it.
  6. I hope not, blackscreen is usual on lollipop roms + I've blocked proximity sensor, so screen will not turn off during phone call and after.
  7. Dysfunctional ROMs present Broken OS 4.9.1 download folder @ [Y300, G330, G510] intro note: original build was in one ZIP, but SuperSU fail to install... Without root, everything works as usual (WiFi, BT, Camera, etc) With system mode SuperSU, BT and Camera fail to start, with systemless SU, flashing fails and reboot. So this build, got MagiskSU for the first time. Patched boot + Magisk Manager make fully rooted system, but if used on first boot, BT and Camera fail to start... Problem solved: installation: 1 - wipe system, data, cache and flash and reboot to system 2 - Enable BT (turn on BT switch at least two time, until "Turning on bluetooth") and test if Camera works - they should both. Reboot to recovery. 3 - Flash Broken-spoofed (if you want to use microG without limits) and Snap (if you want to use Snapdragon camera, more featured camera than original) and reboot to system. 4 - Test again if BT, Camera and Snap work. And reboot to recovery. (optional step) 5 - At last flash patched Broken-magiskernel and MagiskManager and reboot to system. Phone is now rooted, check Magisk Manager > SuperSU. 6 - Grants root for kernel adiutor (and input devices, if needed) and test finaly BT, Camera and Snap - they should work. 7 - If you want to use microG, flash NanoMod-microG-14.x and all signatures are faked/spoofed, just enable all switches in microG Settings and in Settings>Apps>App permissions for Spoof signature, Storage etc.
  8. Thank you dad for interesting. Sorry to heard about it. FM radio works on both SlimKat 9.0/9.1, both legacy and caf version. But I've missed to add it. works on DU 8.2 should works on SlimKats, flash in recovery.
  9. to use 2nd partition on ext.SD card as additional /data storage? yes, it is possible with apps2sd, link2sd can not mount 2nd partition on MM roms. but, do not!, never format 2nd partition inside MM system - it corrupt it. split and format sd on pc, to main fat32 partition and ext3 or ext4 partition (and swap partition if you want).
  10. 1 - Ain't Greenify old for MM? Try ForceDoze or Naptime - Super doze? 2 - Maybe if put/flash Greenify as system app could works? Or at least unstaller to remove it. Latest ver.3.7.1 look for Greenify system and Greenify uninstaller flashables.
  11. Finally! I think it's ok now if you have spoof signature in mG, that's enough. Youtube works, hangout 10.x and GMail also. Try all google apps freely. Icon <--->! is sufficient, it is Ethernet connection (from emulator, our device do not have LAN port). Turn it off in Settings>Extra settings>Status bar>Status bar icons>Ethernet - - or - - delete /system/etc/permissions/....ethernet...xml from recovery
  12. UPDATE1: crDroid 6.0.1 is finally fixed (ported with june build of L.OS) - BT and Camera2 work at last. ROM works as signature spoofed with Nanomod microG 14.5, even with no additional permission in settings>apps>advanced>apps permission; even without system spoofing, core and store original signature in microG settings. download crDroid-ported-u8833 [320 MB] UPDATE2: OctOS 6.0.1 is fixed ( - / / - ) service.jar is now patched, flash and enjoy with microG. Snap's return to ROM and works better then Camera2, flash download Oct-M-community-u8951 [316 MB]
  13. I suggest you to flash Lineage-13.0-20170605-UNOFFICIAL-u8833
  14. but in compiling png are also optimizing with aapt (or aapr). i optimize framework-res.apk and got only 260kb less for ~ 80 minutes.

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