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  1. Yes, can flash it. But first wipe /cache partition, ONLY cache partition. To remove it, delete swap-named file from /system/etc/init.d and wipe /cache partition again from recovery.
  2. Sorry to hear that. CM13 = Lineage v1, same kernel, but slim6 device tree is used / Lineage v2 is updated Lineage v1 by Lineage team. I have added - maybe it fix mic for Lineage v2. if not, than ril+radio+audio files from cm13 need to be replaced in lineage v2 build... ;(
  3. Dont know. AOSP shorted .repo are 38GB, aosp folder is about 52GB, out is about 12gb per device....
  4. No matter. U8833 and U8951 are almost the same, flash u8951-fixed freely.
  5. No default cache at all, just 128MB zRAM. Pro - more vitual RAM to operate, Con - little slower switching from app to app, or less free space if using SD card or /system for swapfile.
  6. I dont know, untill I flash it. It is also my fav. must-have feature in ROMs. Try free app "volume unlock".
  7. Dont hurry, AOSP has much bigger source to download... still downloading it.
  8. Try to set lockscreen from "swipe" to "none". And/or flash one of these files. Fix black screen... - delete command "sleep", fix commands "mpdecision" and "sensorservice"; SlimLP...screen - execute command "stop mpdecision" and set minimal freq. 480MHz for both cores. (maybe 320Mhz would do the same trick, i would try this first) FiX Black Screen CM13
  9. Please, try u8951-fixed build. Or did you had problem with january build?
  10. example of 150MB on /cache, flashable zip!chRQnLpb!3X3Nctzpx3cQbzu1MXJUOHSVB0UHovAUunc0ZHf2csE
  11. You can find flashable ZIP with scripts on this forum, like this or use app like Apps2SD and mount /cache and make 160MB swapfile, also /cust can be formated as use as additional 60MB swap.
  12. try this if it dont work, try this one!d4BzAIhJ!lPJj0OKn1NAY6gdLo4C1fxD5lCKHMkfiSUl9t2_4z70
  13. Never tried. Viber could works, never tried Skype video on any rom.
  14. On the way! Downloading AOSP 6.0.1_r78 (the newest one) source... and will try to compile it against Slim6 device tree (with camera fix [CMA=n] and CM13 RIL). I hope this could be finished...
  15. Almost! luismontiel27 attach flashable "VoIP fix kitkat" on the 1st page of this topic! Direct download here!

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