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  1. Thank you for trying, madix-333. Sorry for not working sim card. Does any patch from working u8951d rom do the things (like in cm-13) ?! Sorry, but not kitkat branch anymore, maybe this commit but I could build newest MM branch (6.0.1_r80)
  2. OctOS KitKat for Huawei Y300/G330/G510 Excellent CM-based CAF ROM A lot of customization in QuickSettings panel > Tentacals Lovers of Dirty Unicorns 8.2 will also love this ROM Installation instructions . Format (System will be formated by flashing) Data, Cache & Dalvik/ART Cache (factory reset) . Install ROM . Install OpenGApps (if required) or flash odexed OpenGapps nano addon . Reboot FLASHABLE ROM Download Links . . . MEGA.NZ folder (~200 MB) or mirror at AFH folder, OpenGapps . . . official releases Other Links OctOS G+ community - Github - Huawei Device tree - (to be updated, with patches) Credits/Thanks to chil360, at the first, developer who made whole device tree, kernal and SlimKat-Y300 Team OctOS ContributorsadeiiROM OS Version: 4.4.4 KitKatROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.xBased On: CM 11
  3. RR is good rom, I should update it, using knoelli's dev.tree.
  4. I tried to made new MM roms for our huawei device, but got almost the same severe errors - bluetooth can not be turned on, camera brokes every time, no ril (phone/sms/gprs), no root! NOTE: Roms are CAN NOT be using for daily use, roms are not fully working, flash on your responsibility! This thread is made just for few people that want to experience new rom, repack some framework/module/bin/lib from working 6.0.1 roms or suggest patches for these or even recompile rom to working one. OMNIROM 6.0.1 - problems: no root*, no BT, no camera* download OMNI-u8951 . . . device tree crDroid 6.0.1 - problems: no BT, no camera download crDroid-u8951 . . . device tree CarbonRom 6.0.1 - problems: no root*, no RIL, no camera, no CarbonFibers (custom settings panel) download Carbon-Lux-u8951. . . device tree OctOS 6.0.1 - problems: no root*, no BT, no camera download OctOS-M-u8951 . . . device tree * rooting can be fixed, if you are using CWM-6.0.x.x recovery, cause it has "fix root?" option after flashing rom, before reboot. After first start, you can flash SuperSU system mode only to works! Regular is systemless mode and can not work. If you using TWRP-3.x.x recovery, recovery reboots before finishing rom flashing, because of supersu (flashing modd image to boot), to non-root system. Without supersu, works fine as non-root. * camera may works on omni, if you install open camera, xposed framework and marshmallow sd fix module (set all apps to yes).
  5. Does it worth updating to 5.7.4 ?
  6. Well, SlimKat 9.0 legacy is built before 3-4 years by chil360. IMHO, no legacy (AOSP) display works with LP/MM roms, must use updated CAF version. CAF-branch for display and media in general.
  7. @Jack234 No working Noughat rom, no working kernel, no known ways to boot nougat (rom is built, but no working at all). Oreo - just forget it. @madix-333 Baidu Cloud ROM is already built by mansy Carbon rom has major bug for our devices and finished with that rom. More info in another thread soon.
  8. OK, try first lineagos for u8833 (ascend y300), if it works ok! g510 boot is overclocked and can not work. hardware is the same (y300 and G510), only diff is max freq. is 1,0 GHz, no 1,2 GHz and no NFC.
  9. Had you tired chil360ćs cm13 for u8951 ?
  10. Interesting, good news - it not fails and exit, bad news - it displays "fm is turned off"
  11. Well, do you have error cause of wrong device? What is device reply like: "This device is ......". If it that only problem, edit file: META-INF\com\google\android\updater-script , delete first 4-5 lines, so the first line will be "ui_print("Target: Huawei/lineage_u8951d/u8951d:6.0.1/MOB31T/91bb6b5246:userdebug/test-keys");" If not, recovery is old to support MM/6.0 rom, use TWRP 3.x.x by Ceastel or CWM or by dazzozo - they works for sure.
  12. Thanks for all replies, maybe Carbon cr4.0 MM be next one. No more device_out_fm_rx, out_fm_a2dp, in_fm_tx in LP/MM, just out_fm and in_fm_tuner (and _in_tv_tuner). What version of Spirit FM "catches" signal on MM? 11 <-- instead of KonstaT's commit, something is already in device/huawei/msm7x27a-common/audio/ from chil360 UPDATE: crDroid is rebuilt and uploaded, deodexed, with signature spoofing. BT, fm and camera still DO NOT work. but rom already has Settings->Display-> Ambient display doze !!! and new DozeService is added, in background, no gui. And will be add in next (Carbon 4.0 MM) rom, this month :) DozeService.apk, flashable is here!
  13. I have no new idea about compiling and/or fixing custom roms. * SlimKat 9.1 and newer roms, use SlimLP, Slim6 or CM13 kernel by chil360 - main fault is: uploading file(s) reboot phone(*), FM radio no more working. * Nougat roms are not working for msm7x27a devices, except experimental GlazeOS build for LG L5 (e610). * OpenGapps lags a lot on any MM rom, so microG FW may replace OG, with requirements (like Xposed, FakeGapps, etc), or to patch framework.jar on DEODEXED rom to gain signing spoofing permission. According to this: Signature-Spoofing, some roms already had SS, so I've tried to compile... * OmniRom 6 for Y300/G510 - has working SS, Play Store works with mG, root is gain in hard way(**), BT, FM and Camera do not works... other stuffs seams to work. * crDroid 6 for Y300/G510 - can not find SS in Apps; BT, FM and Camera also do not works... roms seams fast, not much options. ROMs are uploaded on AFH; sourcecodes are GitHub; if anyone wants for experiments with building/repacking.... ----------------- * system apps and adb via wifi can upload files normaly, others reboot phone after few kBytes sent. ** omnirom6 has to be flashed from CWM 6.0.x.x, so recovery have to repair root and after first boot, you have to flash SuperSU-systemmode to gain root.
  14. Thanks for reply Ceastel, and also for the point about Nougat!

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