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  1. Maybe to use microG Framework instead of OpenGapps, and/or Amplify module for Xposed Framework to cut-down some services/processes/apps. Or you need to find which system and user apps got wakelock (that keeps CPU high).
  2. I had compiled few versions of TWRP, but none bootable. TWRP 3.2.1 branch marshmallow, use bootable/recovery branch android-8.1 -- not working on Y300; bootable/recovery branch abdroid-6.0 -- not working also. I've tried to port 3.2.1 from Ceastel's twrp 3.1.1 and official LG L7 II twrp 3.2.1 --- not working both.
  3. Sorry, no. Sailfish is not android.
  4. Do you mean - long press on HOME button does not show you Recent apps? Set option "recent" for home, long press in Buttons in Settings.
  5. I dont know. GPS, WiFi, Phone Call recording should work.
  6. So, SlimKat-u8833-port.build.9.1-legacy-*.zip got working GPS and no FM? And SlimKat-u8951-4.4.4.build.9.1-UbetTC49-Legacy got working FM and no GPS? THIS one should be working FM, for legacy. FM for DU8.2 is for CAF.
  7. If you give us 8.1-GO kernel for MSM8225, it could be possible. If you tried to make TWRP first, you will got: https://pastebin.com/mYtUYhnP
  8. Try this dual sim ril bz madix-33 u8951D-RIL
  9. Thanks for using and reply. I also use Opera mini, but in Developer mode check "force gpu for 2D graphics" (something like that). No more ROM updates, sorry. Since that is CAF rom, with Lollipop kernel, do you have problem from the start of browser(s) or just when you upload files?! Also problem may cause chrome webview / libwebview / non-classic webview framework... or some library may missing.
  10. Hello, Do you have unlocked bootloader? Have you tried hard reset from stock or custom recovery?
  11. You can disable proximity sensor and got: turned on screen during call + no blackscreen after call, but don't touch screen with cheek. execute: chmod 000 /dev/proximity on every boot or flash this initd-noProximityMedia.zip
  12. Update for Infinitive OS 1.3.1 / 2.0, Dirty Unicorns 10.6, AICP 11: services.jar is patched, so (finally) use microG instead of openGAPPs. spoofed-<rom_name>-u8833.zip is flashable patched one. services-<rom_name>-u8833.zip is original one, if you got bootloop or unstable rom. note: forget u8833 sufix, can be used for u8825 and u8951 also. There no new fixes for other bugs in any mentioned rom.
  13. spoofed-Broken-u8833.zip is essential for making rom works with microG and google apps (youtube does). And also wipe cache and dalvik-cache in recovery. spoofing signature and storage permissions must be enabled for both Google Play services and Google Play Store.
  14. That camera is Snap, backported from OctoOS-M rom, not native part of Broken rom. Camera on the left, blue-grey one, is Camera2, native part of CM/Lineage roms. Both cameras should works. Answer is: try to switch storage (internal / external) and manually enable all permissions for camera apps (in Settings -> Apps). Maybe Open Camera 1.4x gives more, working results.
  15. I guess LineageOS. If you try Broken, I suggest you Broken-v4.9.1-u8951-6.0.1-SU-Snap-20171118.zip (works on Y300 + no fuss about Magisk + has Snap app)