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  1. I guess it is for ported rom from G300 to G510. G300 device tree do not have NFC drivers/firmware to load. Do you have NFC tagging problem with SlimKat 9.0 legacy, SlimKat 9.1 CAF for G510? At the first, bluetooth also didn't work, because g510/y300 load driver from /system/lib/ and g330 load from /system/vendor/lib/, and overwriting g510/y300 *.so to /vendor/lib/ make BT works. Maybe NFC *.so from /system/lib/ (libnfc*.so ) need to be copied to /system/vendor/lib/ to work. If not, slimkat 9.1 legacy for g510 had to be built, but I have no time to do it....
  2. This one is better :)
  3. Yes, can be done soon. Just using slimkat u8951 9.0 legacy as base, in stead of u8833. UPDATE: G330 and G510 builds are done and uploaded at G510 users - all working for now, but NFC tagging. G330 users - all should work, there are hardware diff in audio and RIL, so I can not test them on Y300 (no RIL and no audio at mine)
  4. Hi and sorry for late answer. To re-enable proximity, you need to delete file /system/etc/init.d/98-disable-sensor and reboot. After reboot be sure that file /dev/proximity have no 000 file permissions, but exp. 755.
  5. Vanir AOSP 6.0 - problems: no BT, no camera but rom ported upon LineageOS (march build), works good: download vanir_u8833 . . . device tree
  6. SlimKat 9.1 display-legacy ported for Y300 --> - mister wbrambley made slimkat 9.1 legacy on 30.jan.2016. for Huawei G300, thanks to him! - I use the latest chil360' slimkat 9.0 legacy for Y300 as base and overwrite app/frameworks/media/priv-app from 9.1 legacy. - Changes between G300 and Y300 are in audio driver, audio policy and bluetooth driver (and maybe kernel) - Now, we got fully woking SlimKat 9.1 legacy for G510/Y300 (G330 user should use audio_policy.msm7x27a and audio_primary.msm7x27a from G300 build). - ONLY bug is that bluetooth can not be turned on only on the first boot. After restart all works normally. - additions: proximity sensor and media scanner are disabled, 128 MB cache and fstrim are added, busybox is updated.
  7. Y300 roms to G330

    Well, these 2 files should be kernel (boot.img) and lib/hw/audio.primary.msm7x27a Extra: should be lib/hw/audio_policy.msm7x27a, system/etc/audio_policy.conf, lib/ + change /build.prop line gsm.version.baseband=1040
  8. Not special app to speed up (except kernel tool, like Kernel Adiutor or 3C Toolbox etc), but to stop Media server for scanning media from internal and external cards and to stop Proximity sensor to escape blackscreen after phone call, flash this.
  9. No, I am not. I can not make kernel/recovery that works.
  10. Agreed. No official support / maintainer for huawei since 4.3.x.
  11. Almost no diff, same perf, same little bugs, same kernel. AICP has few features more and less stable, I guess, but less in "hardware buttons". You can not use SmartLauncher Pro in AICP, I got reboot and bootloop. But wifi upload reboot above 500 kB, not only at 65 kB. And "Volume rocker wake" works if you have screenlocker.
  12. No microG, but we all can use OpenGapps, not big lag, as big on LP and MM roms. Just need to be odexed. That repair fix boot and sd switch for old u8833, but not fix fm radio (as I presume). Use new u8833 build, and do not use!!! New build has sd switching, fm radio and signature spoofing.
  13. Hello, and thanks for trying this rom. First, you have to turn off MD5 check in settings of TWRP. Version 2.7.x probably support lollipop roms, but if you need higher version, you can use 2.8.x or even newest from this thread. If it now work neigher, is bootloader unlocked?
  14. No need to port, can be build directly, but --- it would asking for much more time (better to build 2 MM roms instead) + it will not be bootable (no kernel and recovery supporting nougat for huawei msm7x27a boards yet).

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