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  1. Lineage OS (rebranded CyanogenMod) 13.0 Unofficial builds for Huawei Y300/G510/G330 Disclaimer: CyanogenMod and I are not responsible for any damages to your device. Download: Mega.nz - https://mega.nz/#F!F1hmmICR!22r532OdQ_gwphqHy9kwCg (G330 has extra - overclocked kernel to 1.3GHz) GApps: I would recommend microG as workaround replacement for GApps, but you can use Opengapps (ARM/6.0) Pico and got a long lags. Using GApps slows the phone considerably so I would advise using minimal GApps editions. With Opengapps, it must be installed at the same time as the rom. Installing at a later time causes FC's when the phone is rebooted. OpenGApps Note: To fix AOSP keyboard with opengapps pico remove the file: /system/lib/libjni_latinimegoogle.so Current Status: Working so far: It boots successfully, display works, touchscreen & buttons all work ok GPS Wifi Bluetooth Audio Video playback (software decoding) Internal & External SD Card - Internal set as primary storage, External is adoptable. <-- DON'T "erase and format SD" from system! Use PC or recovery mode or aparted app. Phone/Data - Needs testing! Rild & libril now built from source using custom libril based on CM13 hardware/ril-caf with a commit from LegacyHuawei. <-- It works with CM13 RIL! Camera @ 5MPx Not Working: Video playback (hardware decoding) FM Radio - still no audio output Comments/Known Issues: Wifi: When configuring wifi during the setup wizard, wifi connects to the access point but sometimes doesn't make an internet connection. Skip through the setup wizard, go to Settings -> Wifi, turn off wifi, turn it back on and it will connect successfully. Mobile Data: If mobile does not connect when enabled, turn on aeroplane mode, wait a few seconds then turn off aeroplane mode. When the phone reconnects to the network it should also successfully connect the mobile data. Now that the initial connection has been made, you should be able to disable and enable mobile data as required and it will connect. Sources: CyanogenMod - http://github.com/CyanogenMod Device Tree - https://github.com/adeii/exCM-LineageOS Kernel - https://github.com/SlimLP-Y300/chil360-kernel/tree/mm6.0 Credits: chil360 CyanogenMod Dazzozo TeamHackLG Christopher83 moddingg33k mrg666 srfarias fonz93 wbrambley ... and many more contributors!
  2. I had compiled few versions of TWRP, but none bootable. TWRP 3.2.1 branch marshmallow, use bootable/recovery branch android-8.1 -- not working on Y300; bootable/recovery branch abdroid-6.0 -- not working also. I've tried to port 3.2.1 from Ceastel's twrp 3.1.1 and official LG L7 II twrp 3.2.1 --- not working both.
  3. Sorry, no. Sailfish is not android.
  4. Do you mean - long press on HOME button does not show you Recent apps? Set option "recent" for home, long press in Buttons in Settings.
  5. I dont know. GPS, WiFi, Phone Call recording should work.
  6. So, SlimKat-u8833-port.build.9.1-legacy-*.zip got working GPS and no FM? And SlimKat-u8951-4.4.4.build.9.1-UbetTC49-Legacy got working FM and no GPS? THIS one should be working FM, for legacy. FM for DU8.2 is for CAF.
  7. If you give us 8.1-GO kernel for MSM8225, it could be possible. If you tried to make TWRP first, you will got: https://pastebin.com/mYtUYhnP
  8. Try this dual sim ril bz madix-33 u8951D-RIL
  9. Thanks for using and reply. I also use Opera mini, but in Developer mode check "force gpu for 2D graphics" (something like that). No more ROM updates, sorry. Since that is CAF rom, with Lollipop kernel, do you have problem from the start of browser(s) or just when you upload files?! Also problem may cause chrome webview / libwebview / non-classic webview framework... or some library may missing.
  10. OctOS KitKat for Huawei Y300/G330/G510 Excellent CM-based CAF ROM A lot of customization in QuickSettings panel > Tentacals Lovers of Dirty Unicorns 8.2 will also love this ROM Installation instructions . Format (System will be formated by flashing) Data, Cache & Dalvik/ART Cache (factory reset) . Install ROM . Install OpenGApps (if required) or flash odexed OpenGapps nano addon . Reboot FLASHABLE ROM Download Links . . . MEGA.NZ folder (~200 MB) or mirror at AFH folder, OpenGapps . . . official releases Other Links OctOS G+ community - https://plus.google.com/communities/102188586220747781076/stream/5abec31e-4edd-4909-9758-89d091156b5a Github - https://github.com/Team-OctOS/platform_manifest/tree/kk-4.4 Huawei Device tree - https://github.com/adeii/OctOS_manifest/tree/kk-4.4 (to be updated, with patches) Credits/Thanks to chil360, at the first, developer who made whole device tree, kernal and SlimKat-Y300 Team OctOS ContributorsadeiiROM OS Version: 4.4.4 KitKatROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.xBased On: CM 11
  11. Hello, Do you have unlocked bootloader? Have you tried hard reset from stock or custom recovery?
  12. You can disable proximity sensor and got: turned on screen during call + no blackscreen after call, but don't touch screen with cheek. execute: chmod 000 /dev/proximity on every boot or flash this initd-noProximityMedia.zip
  13. Update for Infinitive OS 1.3.1 / 2.0, Dirty Unicorns 10.6, AICP 11: services.jar is patched, so (finally) use microG instead of openGAPPs. spoofed-<rom_name>-u8833.zip is flashable patched one. services-<rom_name>-u8833.zip is original one, if you got bootloop or unstable rom. note: forget u8833 sufix, can be used for u8825 and u8951 also. There no new fixes for other bugs in any mentioned rom.
  14. !WARNING! - this is testing, alpha stage. Very lite, few features, GApps-less but smooth ROM. Infinitive-OS is based on AOSP and SlimROM dedicated to providing users with a ROM thats stable and loaded with VERY BASIC features. Features: RRO Layers (not tested) Custimizable QS Tiles SlimRecents SlimPie Screenrecorder settings Custom Hardware Buttons Options Navigation Buttons Options Custom Recents Panel Options SuperSU FDroid NewPipe Open Camera Lucky Patcher 6.3.5 Xposed Installer 3.0 alpha 4 Instructions: -Read Everything Carefully -Download ROM and GApps (OpenGApps - awfully laggs, SlimGApps - not tested, or even microG Framework - Google Play works, others may work with Xposed, FakeGApps, etc.). -Boot Into Recovery -Perform a Data Wipe / factory default (wipe just /data, /cache, dalvik-cache and /system) -Flash ROM and additional ZIPs. -Have Fun!!! Download folder: https://mega.nz/#F!05wTAZaI!cBezSGHXTvmaevMNOm7kZw ROM Y300 [248MB], microG [25MB], ROM+mG G510 [300MB], xposed, gapps, etc. TK GApps http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software/tk-gapps-t3116347 Thanks and credits: SlimROMS AOSP CyanogenMOD chil360, for complete Y300 kernel and device tree Source: https://github.com/adeii/InfinitiveOS_manifest (patches are not released yet) Contributors Adeii ROM OS Version: 6,0.1 Marchmallow ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x Version Information Status: Alpha Created 2016-11-10 Last Updated 2016-06-24
  15. Dysfunctional ROMs present Broken OS 4.9.1 download folder @ mega.nz [Y300, G330, G510] intro note: original build was in one ZIP, but SuperSU fail to install... Without root, everything works as usual (WiFi, BT, Camera, etc) With system mode SuperSU, BT and Camera fail to start, with systemless SU, flashing fails and reboot. So this build, got MagiskSU for the first time. Patched boot + Magisk Manager make fully rooted system, but if used on first boot, BT and Camera fail to start... Problem solved: UPDATE1 - december 2017. SuperSU is backported and now works! 1. Flash Broken-v4.9.1-u8951-6.0.1-SU-Snap-20171118.zip and Broken-spoofed (if you want to use microG without limits) 2. Reboot to system, everything should works (BT, Camera, SuperUser, Snap...) 3. Flash NanoMod-microG-14.x instead of OpenGAPPS-pico. You need to manually enable Spoof signature and Storage permissions for Google Play Store in Settings>Apps>App permissions ! Forget OLD installation flow: 1 - wipe system, data, cache and flash Broken-4.9.1...zip and reboot to system 2 - Enable BT (turn on BT switch at least two time, until "Turning on bluetooth") and test if Camera works - they should both. Reboot to recovery. 3 - Flash Broken-spoofed (if you want to use microG without limits) and Snap (if you want to use Snapdragon camera, more featured camera than original) and reboot to system. 4 - Test again if BT, Camera and Snap work. And reboot to recovery. (optional step) 5 - At last flash patched Broken-magiskernel and MagiskManager and reboot to system. Phone is now rooted, check Magisk Manager > SuperSU. 6 - Grants root for kernel adiutor (and input devices, if needed) and test finaly BT, Camera and Snap - they should work. 7 - If you want to use microG, flash NanoMod-microG-14.x and all signatures are faked/spoofed, just enable all switches in microG Settings and in Settings>Apps>App permissions for Spoof signature, Storage etc.
  16. spoofed-Broken-u8833.zip is essential for making rom works with microG and google apps (youtube does). And also wipe cache and dalvik-cache in recovery. spoofing signature and storage permissions must be enabled for both Google Play services and Google Play Store.
  17. That camera is Snap, backported from OctoOS-M rom, not native part of Broken rom. Camera on the left, blue-grey one, is Camera2, native part of CM/Lineage roms. Both cameras should works. Answer is: try to switch storage (internal / external) and manually enable all permissions for camera apps (in Settings -> Apps). Maybe Open Camera 1.4x gives more, working results.
  18. I guess LineageOS. If you try Broken, I suggest you Broken-v4.9.1-u8951-6.0.1-SU-Snap-20171118.zip (works on Y300 + no fuss about Magisk + has Snap app)
  19. after update maybe, like Windows ?! I'm joking. Maybe bug in SELinux?
  20. I tried to made new MM roms for our huawei device, but got almost the same severe errors - bluetooth can not be turned on, camera brokes every time, no ril (phone/sms/gprs), no root! NOTE: Roms are CAN NOT be using for daily use, roms are not fully working, flash on your responsibility! This thread is made just for few people that want to experience new rom, repack some framework/module/bin/lib from working 6.0.1 roms or suggest patches for these or even recompile rom to working one. OMNIROM 6.0.1 - problems: no root*, no BT, no camera* download OMNI-u8951 . . . device tree crDroid 6.0.1 - problems: no BT, no camera download crDroid-u8951 . . . device tree CarbonRom 6.0.1 - problems: no root*, no RIL, no camera, no CarbonFibers (custom settings panel) download Carbon-Lux-u8951. . . device tree OctOS 6.0.1 - problems: no root*, no BT, no camera download OctOS-M-u8951 . . . device tree * rooting can be fixed, if you are using CWM-6.0.x.x recovery, cause it has "fix root?" option after flashing rom, before reboot. After first start, you can flash SuperSU system mode only to works! Regular SuperSU.zip is systemless mode and can not work. If you using TWRP-3.x.x recovery, recovery reboots before finishing rom flashing, because of supersu (flashing modd image to boot), to non-root system. Without supersu, works fine as non-root. * camera may works on omni, if you install open camera, xposed framework and marshmallow sd fix module (set all apps to yes).
  21. Since custom rom do not change /modem and /cust partition, you can try it without changes (leave it at 2030), if sim is not detected, try 1040.
  22. As I can see here https://www.phonegg.com/compare/3146-3147-Huawei-Ascend-Y300-0100-vs-Huawei-Ascend-Y300-0151 Diff. is that Y300-0151 has additional 1900MHz band for UMTS i HSPA. So, your Y300-0151 is single SIM? I guess you can use lineage-13.0-20170605-UNOFFICIAL-u8833 and also lineage-13.0-20170606-UNOFFICIAL-u8951 (almost the same). But since this version of Y300 don't use european baseband, maybe you should change line: gsm.version.baseband=2030 of /system/build.prop to something else.
  23. AFTERMATH Do not use october LineageOS anymore, there is nothing new (except security patches) or better then june LineageOS. Use lineage-13.0-2017060x-UNOFFICIAL-u8xxx. There will be NOT more new builds. Sorry. If you want to use microG, flash spoofed-LOS13-june-u8833 and NanoMod-microG-14.x. Some permissions, like Storage and Signature spoofing for Google Play Store, have to be manually enabled. If you want Snap beside Camera2, flash this from mega.nz, I hope it works. If otherside caller can not hear you, flash just ril+radio+audio_u8833_cm13. If app updating make you problems: - remove odex part before update, or - uninstall and install new version or - install manually from downloaded apk and integrate it in system with LuckyPatcher/Link2SD/Apps2SD/etc...
  24. I just installed APKPure 2.4.0 beta and got sudden reboot and bootloop :(