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  1. I can't download something app from Google Play on this ROM. Is "Downloanding... " and later nothing happen. I have internet and Google Account. I tried delete data and cache, but this actions don't take effect. What I can do? Sorry for my bad English.
  2. Hi! I am having CM 10.1 KonstaT and CWM Recovery version now. I installed recovery 1,5 years ago by Recovery Manager. I want update recovery, because I want install CM 10.2 or CM 11. I don't want do it through TPT. I found file recovery-clockwork- and I can install this zip by install from sd card in currently recovery? Must I do it another way? Sorry for my bad English.
  3. Where I found recovery v5 and higher? This update through RecoveryManager? I installed recovery 1,5 years ago, so I forgot how it do.
  4. I have Recovery v4.0.1.5 and I can't install this rom.
  5. Hi! Which version of CWM Recovery is required for this ROM? Sorry for my bad English.