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    Touchscreen doesn't work, damage to connection

    I thought so, but if you look at the pictures of a new digitizer this cable is not included, so that's a big problem. Thanks guys for the responses, I will do what you say H3ROS, even t hough I'm 100% sure it's this scratch since the touchscreen stopped working after I did the "mint recovery procedure". Otherwise I'll start looking for a second hand new one ;D Cheers
  2. When trying to clean the audio-connector (a mint got lost in there) I might have hit and killed the broad orange cable. After it was cleaned, the touchscreen did not work anymore (everything else did, I could see the WIFI connected and all at the background) I opened up the smartphone and noticed a small scratch at the broad orange cable on top, which seems to lead to the battery (main power?) I can not find datasheets of this phone online, nor can I find such a specific part. I checked for a new digitizer but it seems this is not the cable that is hit. Does anybody know if this could be the problem and if yes, if I can find this part somewhere? On the second picture you can get a visual of the scratch on the cable. Thanks anyone for helping me out with this!