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  1. Randomness.

    [APP] TPT Helper

    Vol - Home and Power get me stuck on green Android logo. That being done with Vol + gets me into Clockwork. And I'm back on that old issue I previously mentioned :/ <Edit> Alright so I'm a dumb**** which automatically thought it needs to press Home instead of Menu. Working now, thanks :D
  2. Randomness.

    [APP] TPT Helper

    If not with TPT, will GooManager help me?
  3. Randomness.

    [APP] TPT Helper

    Well this is awkward. Downloaded skate-v1a.zip, entered CWM properly, tried to Install ZIP from SDcard, and it says: Every single time. I'm starting to get nervous as I don't know what am I doing wrong. Note: The image directory has been checked, md5sums matching, so looks like I'm in a dead end. Anyone had this issue?
  4. Yeah, I have an issue here, installed both GApps and the ROM (in CWM it does say Installation Successful for both of them) but there aren't any Google Apps :/
  5. Oh yeah, wanted to ask something else about the ROM. What Android version does it run on? And another thingy: It won't install on my device (says it's ''bad'').
  6. Hi there, nice work on the ROM! I'd like to try it hoping I'll stay on it for a while, but... I'm a bit confused now. How can we fix this? Cheers <Edit> Downloaded it with another browser, it's all good now.
  7. Hi, just updated my Skate to this ROM. Is there any chance of clocking the processor?
  8. Randomness.

    Guess what? It's me again.

    Alright I'm starting to panic now since I can't mount even the stock ROM for 2.3.4, hence I have no mobile phone right now <Edit> Yeah you'd want to forget this post, fixed it.
  9. Randomness.

    Guess what? It's me again.

    Installed CWM using TPT Helper from this tutorial here: http://www.modaco.com/topic/349541-faq-rooting-for-beginners-updated-24-02-13/ Now I'm stuck in a bootloop, great.
  10. Randomness.

    Guess what? It's me again.

    Downloaded TPT Helper, but I'm scared of doing anything of my own. Any tips?
  11. Hi. As I enabled debugging I rushed into trying to root my phone using both Superboot and the Root package itself, but here's the thing. In Comm. Prompt it stops at <waiting for device>. But there's more! I've browsed through forums and found the driver problem, and I think that's the problem here. But, the explanation mentions AndroidDevice in Device Manager, which I don't see. Here's a SS of my Dev. Manager layout: I sincerely wouldn't ask for help if I wasn't lost right now. So if anyone knows how to get this straight, please let me know. I'll provide you with any details about the device if required. Cheers And also to mention, neither CWM is helping me out, it's also sitting at <waiting for device>.
  12. Randomness.

    A rather annoying issue.

    Holy smokes, I just did it. All I had to do is eject it from My Computer and it installed a completely new driver! Lock this thread.
  13. Randomness.

    A rather annoying issue.

    For any driver to be installed, it requires debugging to be enabled, so I'm back at zero point again.