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  1. Hey, little knight! :P :) Do not write such, which is not true, or that you can not really tried it! :unsure: I have long used the Hungarian ROM and not a bug. Only an older, but very good ROM (Basics of KonstaT :D ) I'm using just now CM11/4.4.4 ROM of KonstaT, and is fantastic! :excl:
  2. Gapps in the ROM zip! :excl:
  3. Sorry, try again. (Again uploaded, and tested upload file.)
  4. Yes, multilanguage ROM. Italiano 2: Italia and svizzera. ... And 30-40 languages :)
  5. I'm KonstaT fan! I'm android fan! I'm think, need look hungarian ROM for ZTE Blade 3. The best safe, and best stable, and best rapid CM 10 /Android 4.1/ cyanogen ROM for ZTE Blade 3 (fundations of KonstaT!) :blush: :D My favorite hungarian developers - HJANOS1, and APEELME - created simple but 'atomic-safe' ROM for Blade 3. One moment: Blade 3 stock ROM for user memory 391 MB, hjanos1 ROM for user memory 404 MB! Not stop screen - never! Never freezing! Rolling forever! Try, try, try! Do not lose anything, but you gain a lot. Phenomenal safe!!! Multilanguage support (30-40 languages; europians, and asians, and africans, and americans...) Itinerary: DOWNLOAD(Mega) 2 zip file, and from Clockworkmode (CWM) recovery install (Before install steps: backup custom ROM, wipe data/factory reset, KonstaT ROM) : Nr.1: ROM zip (ROM name:, MD5: 318ec96427477063c060e2c8841ee7c0) (need! update ROM-speakerphone) Note (24. august): Google apps (gapps zip) in the ROM zip! Do not need special install! After install update google apps. FM radio app zero! Maybe from Play... Other usual apps working. Enjoy! :wub: Original files: apeelme (hungarian and english support):, hjanos1:
  6. Hi dear KonstaT! I trying Ubunto for Blade 3, but download ubuntu ROM in do not go! Please new download - way of ROM ......THX.
  7. Thanx you, KonstaT! TWRP is more confortable than CWM. But I do not know: TWRP backup file go in CWM recovery, and CWM backup file go in TWRP? :)
  8. Dear KonstaT, I'm happy for CM 11 (4.4.3), this is stabile version from You. (Browser fullscreen on my phone do not nice, but I'm do not panic :) ONCE: thanks you. You are genie! (Sorry for my "english")
  9. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS, DEAR MASTER! Best Blade3 ROM of all Times. :)))) .........................Still! (Ps.: I'm "multilevel" Blade, and Blade3 ROMs user... [DEV][ROM][14.1.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.2) = ON EAST AND WEST IS BEST. :)

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