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  1. update. tried removing apps from the zip file before flashing Works great!
  2. Here's a list. probably it's like you say ... but i wonder why this happens only with this rom. Gmail.apk GoogleBackuptransport.apk GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk GoogleFeedback.apk GoogleGallery.apk GoogleLoginService.apk GooglePartnerSetup.apk GooglePlayServices.apk GoogleServicesFramework.apk Talk.apk the reason why i remove those apps is because i don't need them. This way i can save a bit of ram too and the overall performance increases No, i haven't tried yet removing them before flashing. I'll give it a try.
  3. I've uninstalled a few apps (gapps + gallery app) and after doing a reboot, phone won't boot up properly. It's stuck on huawei logo ... flashed several times, same result. Then i tried once more without uninstalling any app and it works just fine. The rom itself is great, probably the best i've ever tried and i'd like to know what is causing this issue ... any clue?
  4. Unable to download this ROM. It gives me "oops something went wrong" ... anyone having this " isssue" or did Kra. take it down?
  5. Can't flash it properly on my Y300. Tried with TWRP latest version and with CWM too (also latest ver.), both failed.
  6. " Seems to be downloading for me. Unfortunately I do not have any other location to store the file, though I might be able to stick it on Google drive. " Link works just fine now
  7. "Hi guys. What is the best rom for the y300? and why?? " FusionX rom by tillaz is simply great, stable and fast, no battery drain; it's based on stock b199 + with CeXstel kernel it's on top. CM roms are good too but they lagg on (heavy) games.
  8. How can I update the Xposed installer? I know that I need to uninstall it first, but I don't know how. You can use an app that allows you to uninstall system apks such as Titanium Backup, needed root permissions
  9. Stock.7z file can't be downloaded from Mega.co.nz : "Temporary error, retrying"