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    Huawei Y300
  1. [KERNEL] [Y300/G510] Stock Huawei

    Because that is one of default values for zRam and like @zolaIII said,tipical linux bug.When you set 26% or 102mb zRam android will separate to each core 51mb.
  2. [KERNEL] [Y300/G510] Stock Huawei

    Set value to 26% and after reboot you will have 51mb zRam-a and that is just enough.
  3. [KERNEL] [Y300/G510] Stock Huawei

    Off topic...I dont understand German,is these new official rom,update or neither?
  4. How goes settings in Viper to increase loudness?Thanks..
  5. Can you put here link for huawei stock camera apk?Thanks in advance.. Edit: nevermind,I find it.
  6. Root g510 with towelroot[GUIDE]-Ascend-Y300-100-(B182)-Bootloader-unlock,-TWRP,-Root,-Custom-ROM-flash
  7. Edit line in build.prop "ro.telephony.call_ring.delay" from 3000 to 0 ms.
  8. [KERNEL] [Y300/G510] Stock Huawei

    I think that is kernel related because when I flash Cextel kernel wifi toggle work fine.
  9. [KERNEL] [Y300/G510] Stock Huawei

    You can change theme as you wish.There are lot of themes on google market or mobogenie.
  10. right.I think that was a tipo.. P.S. Nista care od ovog roma za tebe,nisam skuzio da ti imas 0000 verziju.

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