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  1. Hudl and Virgin TV Anywhere

    The virgin tv anywhere app does let you watch live tv on some channels along with letting you view and record from the guide. Someone from another forum made a modified version and that worked for me with a bit of fiddling about. Just changing the build.prop file is not enough for this. It will let you download it but it won't run due to it detecting the hudl being rooted. Root cloak etc did not work either. I still needed to run LuckyPatcher and removed the verification and this seemed to fix it.
  2. Why did you root your Hudl?

    Rooted to allow me to run apps that wouldn't install on the Hudl (main one being the Assassins Creed 4 companion app). Since doing this, I've managed to do other bits and pieces. Kingo app worked fine for me after a little bit of fiddling with the driver in windows but very quick and easy.
  3. Hudl and Virgin TV Anywhere

    Is there any way to get Virgin TV Anywhere to work on the Hudl? It doesn't let you download it on the play store however I've modified my build.prop file so that the store thinks it is a Nexus S. The app downloads, installs and links to my Tivo box fine and will let me browse and manage recordings but it won't let me watch live tv (the main reason for installing it!). I've got root cloak, xposed framework and cydia installed but it still won't let me watch on the hudl.