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  1. I have taken the ROM from site. Not from any of the threads from this forum. Now if we have finished wit this off topic discution. Could the base band be the problem? When I've installed te cm11 rom it changed my baseband from 2030 to 109808 ( I think).
  2. Why do people feel the need to comment just to be noticed? Are you feeling lonely?
  3. Hello. I have installed cyanogenmod nightly 4.4 rom on this device. I had "No service" since I have installed the custom rom. Before I had 10.1 rom and worked just fine. I tried to install 10.2 after I saw that I had no service but didn't worked either. I have 4.4 custom rom from cyanogenmod installed wright now but still the same problem... No service. No ideea what I can do about it. Can this problem be fixed?!?!

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