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  1. Thanks for the tip! I did a new install without the gapps and now even the homw buton is working. Now i nave to get used to Work with GB again :)
  2. Yes, I think I did all the steps with the wipes and the ROM was the one from the first post, using CWM. I have also deleted cache from Google apps, but maybe I should try a newer version? The first message is something about updating Google Play, but one second after that I get "The application Google Play Store has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again". The home button was working great in CM11.
  3. I have just installed Gbxtreme, but I have two problems: google play=server error and the home button is not working? It is only vibrating when clicked. :unsure:
  4. I am sure I am doing something very wrong. Ok, so I have the cwm zip uploaded to sd card, but what should I do now? In the stock recovery I get only "image signature verification failed". Should I try the official downgrade from ICS to GB?
  5. Thanks for the reply. I will try the steps tonight. I don't think CMW is installed now. When i click volum+ and power I get "Android system recovery <3e>" and Apply update from sd card" is not working. I have a bootloader code from Huawei, I don't know why I find it difficult to change the rom. Yes, GBEXTREME was the one I was looking for.
  6. Hello, Some months ago I did rooted the phone and installed CM11, but the phone was now slow and also my microsd card broke. The bad thing is I just can't install CWM. I did some reset and I see few options like "load from sd, wipe..." I have tried to use Rom Manager, but no luck. How can I install CWM? The phone appears to be rooted, but I get a error like "device not found" :(
  7. Maybe I am doing something wrong. :blush: So, I am in CWM 6018 and I select install zip from sdcard, but I don't see the CWM 6045.img.
  8. Yes, that was the problem. I flashed CWM again with the version, but I just don't know how can I update to Now I have CM10.2.
  9. Hello, It seems I have a problem wth CWM, because everytime I reboot I get the dead android with red exclamation sign, the custom recovery I think. The phone is rooted and today I had applied the bootloader unlock code. :ph34r:
  10. I have sent two emails to huawei about this code, but no answer. I also filled the form on the website. Can we pay to get a working code?
  11. I have installed CM11, but had really bag signal. Now i am still wainting for a code from Huawei. Now I am back to B961, but do I have to install CM10.2 and after that the new version?? I am a little confused with CWM version.
  12. I had the same problem after update to 4.4.2. I had to do a restore. I'm not sure, but I think it could be a problem with the booloader unlocking.