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  1. What needs to be changed to port this rom to G6? Is it actually possible? Because I find this rom the best so far, but probably I'm going to buy Ascend G6, and I'm thinking if there are any chances to port this rom? Or if somebody knows any custom roms for G6. I'm searching all day, but didn't find nothing particular
  2. is it possible anyhow to set airplane mode on when rom is freshly installed, via build prop or init.d scripts or something else?
  3. @H3ROS after update 8 when I decompile systemui.apk, edit \res\layout\status_bar_expanded_header.xml, values/public.xml and strings.xml to get this, it keeps crashing before that update I edited those xmls and everyting was fine what's causing that problem? edit: nevermind, i have fixed it
  4. thank you. I did it and i've got what i wanted
  5. i don't like this change. what we discused here. it's regional settings, and that shouldn't be modified just like that what do i need to decompile and what do i need to edit to revert to default state? and what do i need edit to move settings and clear buttons to the right, as it is on first picture in that my post? edit: added picture to this post
  6. @H3ROS that's ok. thank you on your effort, but i personally think that's wrong. because we're dealing with regional settings, it's defined as is and should not be modified. every country has it's own way of representing date and it should be like that. in my opinion i think it's better if clear and settings buttons are moved far to the right, as it is in first example in previous post.
  7. i have some suggestions about this issue maybe it would be better if settings button is aligned with right side of screen, far to the right. and clear notifications button is displayed left to it when is needed in this particulas case, with portugese language, it would look like this if settings button is far to the right, date is always fully visible. although when clear button is visilble, it obscurs date, but i think that shouldn't be problem because we always immedately clear notifications when we can clear them, so it's not big deal and some optional suggestion. as height of quick settings bar is 72 px, and notification bar height is 95 px, maybe it would be more estetic if quick settings bar height is also 95 px. and the maybe enlarge icons. as i said it's optional. maybe it's just me, as i am perfectionist ;)
  8. from time to time i get notification sound, but nothing really happens on screen. how can I find out which app makes that sound?
  9. Is it possible to change default emojis with some others?
  10. thank you on your feedback. I'll try synopsis just to see how it behaves so i need to put boot.img and modules in rom. what about setup directory (busybox, synopsis.sh), system/etc/init.d/s00_initd, updater script?
  11. I know that, but on all other roms I didn't have that "problem". For example on other roms I use let's say facebook messenger and opera mini. And both apps are constantly loaded in memory and switching between them is quick. On this rom I'm now in messenger, I change to opera mini and it loads, use it for few moments, change back to messenger and it loads again, few seconds later I change back to opera mini and it loads again as it has never been loaded and so on... On other roms I've used 2-3 apps simultaneously without reloading. I've been changing number of processes in dev options, but none of that helped
  12. yes, i want do that for testing purposes ;) and just one question, what is difference in stock and synopsis rom? this topic is named "stock" but zip name contains "synopsis" and i want put files from that kernel stable release to this rom for testing purposes, as i already mentioned. because now only few apps can be loaded into memory. let's say i'm frequently using 2 apps and often switching between them, when I change to second app, when changing back to first it's already released from memory and needs to load again, which takes some time. I've used many roms and this is the best so far, except this thing which little bothers me so I want to see how it's going to work with other kernel :) sorry about my bad english :D
  13. how to change kernel without flashing kernel zip? is it ok just to change boot.img na libs in rom's zip with boot.img and libs from kernel zip?
  14. it's the best rom i have used so far. but there is one problem, as i don't like nova launcher, i'm using apex, but i can't install latest version. after flashing it keeps crashing. luckily i had an older version apk which is working good, but does anyone now where is the problem