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  1. What's the best ROM? MSR ROM or this ROM?
  2. yes. transparent navbar not work..
  3. Is it possible to put transparent status bar and transparent navigation bar?
  4. Ok, thanks. I've just flashed this ROM and it is beautiful but I prefer MS-ROM :)
  5. what's the best kernel? stock kernel or reca kernel?
  6. Android version: 4.1.2 Baseband: Acer_AV051_QV15432j_S500_1.056.00_WW_GEN1 Kernel: 3.4.0+ [email protected]) Data build: za jan 11 12:17:57 CET 2014 Build number: msr_swing-userdebug 4.1.2 JZO54K eng.robin.20140111.121712 test-keys _____________________________________________________________________________ If I can help you, I installed the Rom from TWRP and not from CWM because with CWM the system crashed.
  7. On my phone this ROM runs perfectly!
  8. Thanks a lot! This morning I flashed the rom and it's very beautiful but the battery runs out quickly (it only happens to me?).
  9. Hi, i've just reading about this rom and i want to flash it on my s500, but i have some questions. Is that the link of the latest version of the rom? http://www.mediafire.com/download/t92etxkajwuq9pw/MSR-10-20131227-OFFICIAL-swing.zip thanks for the help! elia

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