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  1. Best rom for gaming?

    Well the best combo for me is FusionX + GLtools ... I bet the stock with GL would be even faster but dont wanna stocky stocky... honzyn no clue...Try fusionX if u havent yet.
  2. Best rom for gaming?

    fusion werent so smooth i think...but the GLtools helped a lot! thx! its lil bit smoother now...
  3. Hello guys first of all thx for this lovely portal nice stuff in here lotta roms heplfull posts... Well my question is allready in the topic name ... so?? any suggests? For me the best one so far was the gamer v2 rom nice framerates a lil bit better then the essentials rom im using right now but it gave me a lot of force closes and after a few days the phone was practically unusable cause i had to restart it every time i looked on the screen... Im using the Cexstel (dunno if spelled correctly) kernel ive seen some really good framerates in games with the stock rom but idk... its just TOO STOCK for me ive been romming all of my android phones since the first one i hate the crappy stock roms....Im really busy with my work now so i dont have the time to test all of the roms myself... so any suggestions tips tricks maybe few tutorials how to get better framerate would be cool... thanks, Roman
  4. sry double delete pls