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  1. Tonyx89 added a post in a topic Need help with huawei y300 please   

    Yes USB Debugging is on, i have also tried turning it off then back on again and still getting "Diagnostics port not found"  whilst on the pink screen
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  2. Tonyx89 added a topic in Huawei Ascend G510 / Orange Daytona / Y300 / G330   

    Need help with huawei y300 please
    Hi, could somebody help with this problem. every time i press the magnifying glass on dc unlocker it gives me this:
    For correct Huawei phone detection, please turn ON phone, wait while fully starts, turn into USB and after windows detects device, you can press "Detect phone".     DC - Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.0460   Detecting phone :   selection : manufacturer - Huawei phones model - Auto detect   Diagnostic port not found !   ===================================================================   Re instaled the drivers and tried all 4 usb ports on laptop but still nothing
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