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  1. Ok , my phone whit this kernel functione better buth restart persist . Please Dazzo resolv this problem . P.S Please no more delete my post this is not corect , tnx in advance ;)
  2. Yes some here . Please Dazzo solve this . Thanx in advance . :)
  3. This rom is very good but restart persist and some applications not working for example antutu. Please solve restart problem. Thanks for your efforts for this rom
  4. Hello what happens with CM11 from G510 when run more applications my phone locks screen remains black and only after remove bateri i back on phone works normally. I repeat a few days after an update do these crashes
  5. Hey my phone with cnm 11 after the update two days ago is still stuck and I can not call until after you remove the battery.. what happens? I apologize for my English :)
  6. Why my phone reboots without you doing anything? Dz please solve this . thanks
  7. Ok I understand But something in the future? and almost forgot ALSO DLNA :)
  8. Heloo i am new on this forum :) I use cm-11-20140210-NIGHTLY everything works ok but no fm radio and NFC if these two issues would solve everything should be ok