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  1. @adeii good rom and works properly with opengapps, but have some little bugs: - don't have the WPS function; - don't have the contacts app and the icon in the call app don't work; - the flashlight's icon in the quick settings don't work; - Play Store don't work (error code 0 or RH-01); - too many redundant apps: 2 calculators, 2 browsers (Baidu Mini is good), 2 music apps and 4 file manager (Total Commander is good).
  2. Trapezio


    The Y300 is dead.
  3. Don't work always. The best solution is "XinternalSD" module for XPosed. Latest release of Open Camera work properly.
  4. YouTube is too heavy for y300. You can try NewPipe from FDroid repository. For Gmail you can use the stock email app.
  5. Uhm... i had the same bug when i flashed services-Broken-u8833.zip instead the spoofed-Broken-u8833.zip, but the apps worked properly anyway. Try to install the new rom : Broken-v4.9.1-u8951-6.0.1-SU-Snap-20171118.zip + spoofed-Broken-u8833.zip + NanoMod-microG-14.5.20171022.zip (or the new release NanoMod-microG-14.9.20171213.zip).
  6. @zetaperu From MicroG official site:
  7. Settings ---> Broken Pieces ---> Navigation ---> Hardware Buttons ---> Home key ---> Long Press ---> Recents
  8. Great rom, faster and without blackscreen but sometimes forget the app permissions.
  9. Hi! What's the "services-Broken-u8833.zip"? EDIT: To avoid the black screen after installation, the initial setup must be made without a SIM card. .
  10. Interesting! MicroG are preinstalled? What's "aicp-u8833-repair.zip" ?