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  1. maybe i need to make a clean instal? i don't know
  2. i have instal the rom cm-11-20140915 over it i put the SFR-FTS-boot-4.4.4-KitKat-Based-Roms_20140914 and the int2ext+ script
  3. in last bild i do not have acces to change value from 240 in the - qemu.sf.lcd_density it say that i have limited root access is it possible ? in root menu i have set that build prop have a full access to root .... but when i try tu save changes in edited build prop it not allow me to do it
  4. hi i want to change the dpi on my skate , the SU run good but when reboot there is no change save after editing build Prop.. On CyanogenMod 11.0 | 2014.08.17. the dpi was genial i want it back
  5. hi fagyi i use this rom for 5 days it is wery powerful rom (CyanogenMod 11.0 | 2014.08.17.), but it has some issues the autorotate do not work in(CyanogenMod 11.0 | 2014.08.29.) is even more problems, with the home button and meniu button.and a even have not try the rotation. But again thanks for your hard work and determination to resuscitate our zte skate!
  6. video lagging (Q)

    I installed a script to make ext partition on sd card. but i hawe left zero for SWAP. khan it be the problem?
  7. hi everyone ! I do not know what to do. what rom to install the ZTE Skate ROMs based on cm 7 ar lagging. how can this be fixed?