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  1. very impatient to test it. it's coming at the right time for me need to do a fresh install. thank you dani for all
  2. i'm curious to know if some user Y300 noticed some boost score with latest buid like you
  3. it's with this stock rom that i obtain my best score antutu:7470. so back to stock.
  4. you are right, better score antutu with your rom than kitkat cm. it is more important to have the most powerful rom for our tiny phone than the most updated rom.
  5. thanks i didn't see that.at the next update stock rom i will try it
  6. smokewalker: with stock rom for Y300 , i'm unhappy more ramdon reboots and status bar loose. i don't have this issue with kitkat cm, it's the only recommended rom for me and the most smoothest
  7. zolalll: can you list other adjustement you apply ? i apply: _bionic & dalvik patch _zipalign all apk _In CM Settings -> Performance Setting, apply "Allow purging of assets" + 16 bits transparency _mpdecision stop : that's enable always 2 core on, but i lower cpu freq to 196 mhz for battery savings.