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  1. G510 Blank bootloader, unable to intall TWRP?
  2. Ramexpander bricked my g510-0100 after a restart. I now have a bluecreen. Unable to reflash with update.app, fails at 2/2 tried a few roms. filename = /mmc1/dload/update.app call RCV_MODULE_END_EVENT failed,module = OEMSBL_VER_LIST CMD=0xf,moduleaddr = 0xd2000000, len_tmp=0x4000 If you can help me would be great. EDIT FIXED: Thanks to samirusanjeewa http://androidforums.com/threads/huawei-g510-0200-firmware-update-2-2-process-failed.856473/ G510firmware(G510-0200,Android 4.1,Emtion UI,V100R001C00B200,General Version) http://consumer.huawei.com/en/support/downloads/detail/index.htm?id=20627 Following the instructions, flash each UPDATE.APP in order: 1. transfer > put the UPDATE.APP file in a new folder "sdcard\dload" and run forced upgrade (vol up + down) 2. dload (main) > overwrite UPDATE.APP "sdcard\dload", run forced upgrade again 3. vendor > overwrite UPDATE.APP "sdcard\dload" and run forced upgrade for a final time * the UPDATE.APP needs to be copied from each folder to sdcard\dload\ * phone should reboot after each forced upgrade
  3. [ROM][4.1.1][b209] Huawei Stock ROM Tested on g510-0200 HAVE TO EDIT APOLOGIES
  4. Nice rom, clean and fast. I got 10500+ on antutu. Games work well, videos etc. Have found no bugs.
  5. App Backup and Restore. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobi.infolife.appbackup&hl=en
  6. I got almost 10000 on antutu on my g510. It ran temple run (hoho) and it was very smooth. Did a decent job at playing a 720p movie also. I haven't had one issue since installing it.
  7. I might have stuck with Lewa if it didn't stop downloading from app store.
  8. rsgametech

    MIUI official G510!

    Tried the Miui is pretty neat rom built in root ect. For some reason my antutu was low but a nice os all the same.
  9. I used Huawei Ascend G510-B199-ShockeyCzT as its clean and stock for now also. I don't like the camera interface is not great older ones are better.
  10. Nice stock ROM this is very similar to vodafone ROM i had minus the vodafone stuff. I have tried a few Chinese and newer ROMs you can't go wrong with this on a g510-0100.
  11. Just asking as I want to leave a ROM on my phone and make do is all, just can't see where list for encountered problems are and change log to see what's been rectified.
  12. rsgametech

    BaiduOS ROM44 U8951 24-2-2014

    XD what can i say i'm an android newbie! If someone can find baseband I'll include it at least people can see screens etc..