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  1. Here is the link of my collection of roms of zte-skate: http://www.4shared.com/folder/OjfDEJaF/zte-skate.html if u have any questions and conserns send me P.M
  2. np mate i am glad if i can help. if u need anything send me mail: [email protected] i can help u a lot...
  3. try to do this: http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/375117-rom-zte-skate-omc-oficial-from-zte-skate-site/ if that doesnt help check for imei if u dont have imei search forum how to fix that misstake. Ps: u will lose Root bcz u will back phone on factory condition
  4. http://www.mediafire.com/download/4bplmislextz037/tpt+20.240.190.rar here u go download this delete everything on your sd card copy this in your sd card and when u insert sd card and pres power button,menu button and volume up at the same time and dont stop till u get t-card screen and wait till it is finished then flash roms cwm and other stuf....
  5. nope u didnt do nothing incorrect... i didnt make to do it propertly bcz i cant find any good kernel with ability to do swap internal memory. i find only corrupted files on internet.. if u can find any kernel who can do swap u can try to flash him in this rom. i only expand little internal memory with this rom. it isnt buggy and he didnt restart at all.
  6. Status bat with power wigets missing because that is fully stock Rom without other addons... i wanted to have fully stck Rom for my android device...
  7. if it isnt listed we cant find it but u can try on google to seach little maybe u can find it... Edit: goois dead for now. u can search on net if u find u post mirror here but if u cant find u can install without keyboard dictionary and it will work fine... ;)
  8. here is the my reuploaded link for this rom... http://www.4shared.com/folder/xX44r_WB/slimbean_42.html there u have ROM,Gapps and a2sd script for internal memory...
  9. hey here is my stuf that i was collecting ower the year that may be handy for u.... http://www.4shared.com/folder/OjfDEJaF/zte-skate.html there is all the roms and other packages u can find there... that is that all stuf i can find... u can send me something if i forgot to put and i will be upload...
  10. Hello to all.... i want to help all of u who want to bring back old stock OMC ROM on our devices.... 1. u will need any rom with FTM instead CWM on them, if u cant find any of them here is one:http://www11.zippyshare.com/v/88583260/file.html and u can simply unpack imange file on sd card and turn on phone by pressing volume +; menu button (one in the middle) and then power button and wait to t-card finish till 100%. DONT TURN OF PHONE WHEN THIS WORKING U MAY BRICK HIM 2.when u finish first step u will need to download Monte Carlo software online upgrade tool : http://www.ztedevice.com/support/smart_phone/12fd8505-a269-4dfe-9f64-45b74bbfe139.html?type=software this is tool who will guide u to upgrade your rom version and it is step by step youst folow the guide and when it finish u will have stock old OMC ROM in your ZTE-Skate...
  11. Unlocking The Orange Monte Carlo

    yo this forum is too old and we dont have any more devs who is interested for this device because it is too old... :/
  12. Hello need BIG help

    odlucio sam uzecu moto g 2, pomogo si mi dosta, bas sam se dvoumio oko njih ali presudio je support... ;)
  13. Hello need BIG help

    Gledao sam rewiew za guru i za moto g 2 i mogu ti reci da je bolja slika ali si u pravu za bateriju.... moto g jos 1 plus xD guru ima 2 giga rama i tomi se svidja i ima PowerVR grafiku dok moto g ima ardenoja mislim da se tako pise.... sad moje misljenje je da PowerVR bolja grafika od aderno
  14. Hello need BIG help

    Slazem se za support ali guru ima mnogo bolji displey i ima mnogo jacu kameru i veci ram imislim da ima bolju grafiku od Moto G, daje mnogo bistriju sliku jer ima skoro duplo vise ppi moto g 294 a guru 441, moto g ima samo bolji support sto je mnogo velika prednost ali nisam siguran jos sta da radim... :/
  15. Hello need BIG help

    Hello to all on this forum from Serbia.... I need BIG help... i want to buy new phone around 200 euro.... i have used my ZTE-Skate for long time and now it is time to move on... :D i have 2 phones in my mind and they are: GSmart Guru 1: http://www.gsmarena.com/gigabyte_gsmart_guru-5807.php and Motorola Moto G 2Gen: http://www.gsmarena.com/motorola_moto_g_%282nd_gen%29-6647.php And ofc i am open for sugestions... pls help me with choice and your opinion.... Ps: i need more for less money xD ''dream of every Serbian guy'' And sry if i miss spot for place my topic.... :( :excl: Sry for bad english....