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  1. I realized a battery drain during last two weeks, but I used the phone heavily too. After restoring a previous backup it was better. Without any changes after applying the last update from heros. But the last two days there is more battery drain again. Is there a way to identify if Google play services are responsible?
  2. Heros, as usual great work. Works all fine. You should try to get a job at huawei...
  3. Hey i am still on 26.07. build. Do u suggest to update, if yes to which Version?
  4. @heros THX for checking. Editing existing bdays crashes too.
  5. Hi.. I noticed an issue. Contacts app crashes when add in a birthday to an existing contact. Can someone try and confirm this bug? Or does someone know how to fix?
  6. Just wanted to post a big thanks. Great ROM, really. Works absolutely fine.
  7. Hi folks, after FusionX Reborn i tried CM11 again afer a couple of months. Really great Rom, but i noticed one issue: When i activate bluetooth to pair speakers Wlan stops, so i cannot stream internet radio or anything else on my speakers without using mobile data. Can anyone help me? I use CM11 with Chili360 0.41
  8. Hi... How is Battery life in last updates with 4.4.3 compared to Stock Rom?
  9. Any major improvements in battery life compared to stock Rom in the last builds?
  10. Does this kernel improve Battery Life on CM11 compared to normal CM11 Kernel?
  11. Any News about Deep-Sleep-Bug after GPS-use?
  12. Hi,i installed 2.0 yesterdav evening. I notice battery drain. Can someone confirm my observation?
  13. Thanks for all your great work so far. Its really the best rom for our device. Does 2.0 come via ota?