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  1. I have a problem with this ROM on a G510. When i want to play videos on the Facebook app, the device restarts. Everytime. Anyone having the same problem? Thanks.
  2. works better than 4.4.2 build. the only thing i could find bad is, it doesn't download the upgrades via software update in settings.
  3. so, the random 3G reboots are gone thanks to the official bootloader unlock method. Thanks guys. As many users said in their recent posts. There seems to be a problem with some devices after the theme system was introduced. Any update after 09th of April freezez my phone in many apps, when trying to pull the notification bar, etc. Other bugs (maybe just my bugs, but i can't be the only lucky one): - after some reboots the phone won't lock instantly, i have to wait, about a minute, then the lockscreen button will work. - sometimes i can't go use the back button and the volume rockers don't work, i have to close some apps or reboot. - speaker low volume - phone app while dialing it's kinda slow, it takes like 3 seconds to show after i press a number to be dialed. When i unlocked my bootloader i had to install the official ICS update so i can use some ADB commands, and i kinda played a bit with the ICS official ROM. i went to the storage settings and i saw it only had the extended storage (2,50gb) and the SDCard storage and apps where stored directly to the extended storage. why isn't it the same in KK? that 1Gb internal storage is really not good when you have many apps installed. Thanks.
  4. yeap, since the first update with the theme system, which nobody but developers uses it believe, the apps keep crashing if i`m lucky or freeze and freezes the whole system and i have to pull the battery. :) After waiting for 2 weeks to update, still the same. Reverting back to 09.04 :)
  5. So! Starting 3-4 updates back it started freezing in apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and when receiving notifications. it sometimes freezes for reboot and there's nothing i can do about it. i installed the latest update last night on a clean wipe. another issue that bugs me from the first day i started using this CM11 is that after every reboot i can't lock the phone immediately, i have to wait for like a minute, the lock button doesn't work before that and sometimes the back and menu button don't work. last night i had an issue with whatsapp, i couldn't install it, it keep saying insufficient storage space, but it had over 200mb left. i`ll get back to release from the 10th of april, because i know that didn't have the freezing system thing.
  6. hi, as i said it before, i keep getting random reboots when i`m outside, that means on 3G or HSDPA. not everytime, but at least one reboot a day. i doesn't reboot when i`m at home (wifi)
  7. it takes all the effects and transitions. i don't wanna have a 4.4.2 working like 2.3 :)
  8. i got it like that, it had the official 2.3.6, then i flashed the CM11, but the ex owner, played with some custom ROMS and went back to 2.3.6.
  9. hi. i don't know if this is confusion, but sometimes i get a few reboots when i`m outside. that means on mobile data. it doesn't do it when i`m at home on wifi. again, maybe it's a confusion, but it only happened when i got out (not every time). I`m talking about the G300, don't mind the avatar signature