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  1. Do you installed the xolo x900's 299m
  2. 不懂帮顶
  3. Thanks for your shared! The XOLO Gingerbread rom can be used? Through rec brush into?
  4. The presence of GingerBread Orange rom?
  5. My San Diego takes 1 min.
  6. The Moto G is great! But in our here is very expensive.
  7. The official no release tools? How other signtool?
  8. It's too bad-_-#
  9. It's too greed! I think the SIM Lock in baseband. Maybe we can start from here.
  10. "Error (509) This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!" Oh my god.... Can you put the XOLO and Orange Signed - ZIP to my email? [email protected] Thank you very much!
  11. Oh no!I live in Asia...

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