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  1. Actually I asked over here http://www.modaco.com/topic/367187-gapps-for-cm11-last-updated-2014-03-06/?p=2200074 at the GApps thread. Turns out the AOSP browser is part of this CM11 ROM. I am guessing it is pretty small so will put up with it and load Chrome as well.
  2. I am using this modular_really_micro gapps becasue I figured it is the smallest and best fir for my y300-151. My preference is to use Chrome browser so will install it from the Market. However I am just curious as to why you have included the Stock Android Browser. Does it take up less space than Chrome? Do people actually like to use it? Also if I understand correctly you have given us the option to add Removal modules: Bootanimation. Does that get rid of the Cyanogenmod animation that displays after the Huawei splash screen? Is so what is it replaced with when removed? Thanx.
  3. I am loving this ROM. Thanks Devs for fixing the BT issue. A couple of Questions: 1) Is updating this ROM from within [settings>About Phone] as good a way of doing it as any? It is dead simple to do, but was wondering if there was any advantage to flashing manually. ie does it still wipe Dalvic Cache and so on. 2) Why isn't Chrome the included browser? I thought it was the standard Android Browser nowadays.
  4. Yeah can confirm BT not fixed. Just flashed todays build & Checked. But as you say Gallery editing preview is fixed. Thnx.
  5. Hi Newby here. Great ROM thanks. It is the first Custom ROM I have tried since rooting my y300-151 and installing TWRP. Just the lack of Bluetooth and Gallery thumbnails that others have mentioned. Otherwise it is a terrific improvement. Can I flash subsequent Nightly builds of this same ROM without the need to re install all my apps and config?