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  1. Hi guys, about this I found my solution :D :D I got to upgrade my router's firmware and finally I can connect with no problem to my wifi... this was the page that save me (http://www.routertech.org/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5202) ... I hope this can be useful for anybody else... I got an ASUS AR7WRD... Regards!
  2. "@Andrea_Furiur: Sin música mi vida sería un absurdo." Ciertísimo Andreita! :D :D :D La música es vida!!!

  3. Mide tu VELOCIDAD INTERNET graficamente con SpeedOf.Me. Usa HTML5 y no Flash o Java. http://t.co/f57UZc1AgE (via @speedof_me)

  4. I tried with that recommended MOD and it was the same..but I've discovered something by chance.. When I went to an uncle's house I tried to connect to his Wifi and IT DID IT NORMALLY, after that the same in the house of a friend. However I tried again in my house, with my brother's tablet (a chinese one) and it connected normally, everytime I tried to connect, but never with my phone.. My conclusion is that my wireless device must be very old for this ROM or some kind of rare setting must exists in it and I still don't know it.. It's an ASUS AR7WRD. I flashed the cm-11-20140306-NIGHTLY-u8833 MOD with TWRP I have a Y300-0151. These are my results: - Wifi OK (but connecting not in my house but as I described above). - Wifi AP OK (sharing my internet connection to a laptop). - GPS OK. - BT still not tested. - No randomly reboots. - Battery acceptable for my way of using (20 mins in phone calls, 20 SMS, some chat and reading in FB, some chat in Whatsapp), 100% in the morning, 20% at 8 pm approx. - Not any other bugs detected yet. I hope that somebody could give me a clue or at least this can be useful for somebody else. Thanx! PD: excuse me if any mistake in my english.
  5. Ok mockingbird, I will try with that mod, january 13, and later I will comment.. Thanx
  6. Hi there guys, after read and search I had to ask for your help with an issue.. I have downloaded and flashed 2 Nightly ROMs..cm-11-20140226-NIGHTLY-u8833 and cm-11-20140306-NIGHTLY-u8833, and I got the same problem with both of them, I can't connect to WIFI.. It always stays in "Saved, WEP protected" message, and never gets connected, as you can see in attached screenshots. I got Excellent signal level. I use TWRP 2.6 and I have a Y300-0151. Someone else have this problem??? Any solution please??? Thanks in advance!!!
  7. Detengamos a los CODICIOSOS IRRESPONSABLES del Petroleo!!! Por nuestros hijos y descendientes!!! http://t.co/aa2rY6gq34