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    huawei ascend g510-0200
  1. carrot007

    BEST ROM FOR y300/g510 !!!

    pls suggest me guys,,because g510 has two different edition which is single sim and dual sim,,it is compatible to use a costum rom of g510-0100 dual sim to g510-0200 single sim edition??mine is the single sim edition or g510-0200 build number 165,,Thanks in advance
  2. factory reset mate,,using TWRP
  3. how about huawei g510-0200,,B165 based stock rom i cant see on the list :( does costum rom for the dual sim and single sim edition for huawei g510 is the same to use? :unsure:
  4. does costum rom for the dual sim and sigle sim are thesame to use? huawei ascend g510 has two edition,,single sim g510-0100 and dual sim g510-0200,,so i think each edition should have specific costum rom for sure...and not only one costum rom for two,,i mean each edition should have different costum roms