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  1. Trolling? Why the unprovoked tantrum? It was a statement of fact based on version a. No I have not tried your patch b yet as the phone is fine for me as is. Maybe I will in the future. Thanks for everyone's efforts minus the drama.
  2. No idea why your getting upitty. All i know is I install b2 and it works. Install patch 3 and it doesn't.
  3. I have left patch 3 for now however i liked the gingerbread weather clock but the only download i can find does not install, parsing error. i assume its because its for ics EDIT: Found a working Hauwei Weathe clock widget for Gingerbread
  4. I flashed B2 but if i flash patch 3 it makes my sim invalid if i reboot the phone
  5. Sorry if this is a thicko question but I want to install this rom. Do I need to install B1 then B2 or can I just go straight to B2?
  6. I know it's an old topic but I was looking to donwgrade from ICS CM9.1 back to stock gingerbread and I stumbled across this. I like the rom but it doesn't have any LED notifications active or the toggle bar in the notifications menu Is there a way to add them via CWM or apk files? cheers
  7. I'm selling on my phone. Can anyone point me in the direction of how to downgrade my phone from ICS CM9.1 back to stock Gingerbread then the new owner can make up their own mind as to what rom they want? Thanks
  8. Hi This may sound like an odd request but how do I downgrade from CM9.1 back to stock gingerbread?? Looking to sell on my phone thanks

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