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    huawei g510
  1. dude.. is the gapps included here?
  2. my mga pinoy dn pla dto.. hehehe.. better if u put twrp than cwm..
  3. hi sir.. good work.. can i ask if this rom can use to have a notification toggles and shortcuts like that of samsung galaxy s4 or s5???
  4. hello sir.. i just realize after seeing the link that i already downloaded and installed that rom.. as of now.. im using galaxy s5 rom by tiri.
  5. Samsung S5 Notification drawer zip pls????
  6. jeasteh

    huawei g510 s5 rom

    Hi sir.. can you make a zip file to flash for us to have the drop down Notification and shortcut control panel to be very the same with samsung galaxy s5.. thanks..
  7. jeasteh

    huawei g510 s5 rom

    This is awesome.. i can play NBA 2k14 plus a very smooth ui..
  8. Hi sir comax... May i ask what's the best 4.4 rom for you..? tnx.
  9. I Think this is a great Innovation on Custom Kitkat rom.. I believe i can maximize the use of this rom i just need to flash the latest Kernel.
  10. i just Flash C ROM Mod.. OMG... Im from philippines.. and i got no carrier signal problem.. do i need to flash something?? :(
  11. any one tested above roms?? :wacko: