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  1. I have a question

    Nice joke.
  2. Bought the htc one x :D Bye Bye Huawei :p
  3. Restored Expertv4 back :( After 12 hrs of use. Alot of hiccups & Hangs :( Serious Ram issues. Swap partition was always full after 10 to 12 hrs of usage. On Expertv4 sometimes i don't reboot even for a week & performance is just fine. I seriously like the carbon rom but these issues are deal breaking :(
  4. Luca can you add, Floating windows option into the long click of the notification in notification panel? I know it was a halo option which carbon didn't merge i think. It should be one of the commits in Halo source.
  5. When swap partition get full. It lags like hell :( Nothing i can do to clear it?
  6. Rom is really working well. Enjoying Halo with lots of customizations. Its pretty complete. The best thing is, I didn't find 3gpp videos working with the defaut video player. Even the trim feature was not working with Expertv4 & Cm 10.1. But Everything is working here. Kudos luca.
  7. Please don't add anything which is easily available on playstore. E.g terminal emulator. Removing goo manager was fine.
  8. Luca, It is just to report you. Quick unlock is working for password aswell. You don't have to add anything for it. The workaround i had to do is. I had to set security to pin code & switched on the quickunlock. Now changed to security to password. & quick unlock is working for password lockscreen aswell :D
  9. Yayyyyyyy :D Flashing... Edit: Thumbs up!! Everything is perfectly working now! More features more commits please i'm hungry :D
  10. Luca thanks! New build uploaded with all of these changes you posted here? Streaming videos is not working aswell. Not in facebook nor in Dailymotion. Is it fixed aswell?
  11. Change lockscreen security to password. Quick unlock option will disappear.
  12. But not for password lockscreen :( See..
  13. No. That is not the quick unlock. Quick unlock is the different thing. The behavior is, You shouldn't have to press ok to unlock the screen after entering the correct code. It itself unlocks after when you enter the correct code. It is the Quick unlock. Quick settings was my second question. Which is solved by doing what you have told me. Thanks!
  14. Quick unlock right after entering the correct code. Like on cyanogenmod. Plus i can't pull down the Quick settings from the right & notification panel from the left. If you add these two things. Rom is clearly superior to Expert v4. IMHO.