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  1. I was using Gdrive for a long time even with that "Download anyway". Don't know of they changed it but when you right click "Download anyway" and select copy "Copy Link" (dont know this in english i have my browser in different language) you can get a direct link.
  2. Google Drive allows huge files and direct linking to use it with OTAupdater (otaupdatecenter.pro). Also I didn't find any B200 to B209 changelogs (if any?). Could someone provide me some info?
  3. Hey, I'm here to just drop some feedback. No reboots so far (and I'm using Synopsis (325Hz GPU, 200Mhz something (experimental)). I've missed zRam/swap (Walking Dead needs swap :D) function on stock so I've decided to try this one. UI is smooth with stock and also with Synopsis. Only thing that bothers me is Shuttle music player. Don't know if it's only me but when I am on "SONGS" - all songs menu, the scrolling is "lagging" like scrolling on CM11 (I've just installed Apollo and disabled Shuttle) Gaming is also smooth. Also when I will have some spare time I will translate the Lidroid toggles app to Czech and drop strings here. Also I won't probably modify this ROM to make it my "FusionX Reborn" because it's already pretty beast and I like it a lot. Cheers!
  4. Syssx420

    [KERNEL] [Y300/G510] Stock Huawei

    About those graphical glitches with new KGSL. I have an idea. I've found that Huawei's kernel sometimes ignores(?) debug.sf.hw line and instead of using the Adreno libs in /system/lib/egl it uses libgles_android.so and eglsubAndroid.so (they're probably used for software rendering or what). Did you tried to delete this line "0 0 android" from /system/lib/egl.cfg and just to be sure also deleting those two files? With those two files I've sometimes had like 6200+ in Antutu using your kernel and Heros's AOSP MOD rom and sometimes I had 7800+ even 8020 (Everything after fresh install with debug.sf.hw line enabled). Scores were changing with some restarts. It was really random like 6 restart with 7800+ and then two restart with only 6000+. Maybe it glitches because phone is not using Adreno libs? Also I'm a total noob over this I'm just trying to help. edit: Forgot to say that after deleting those two files and modifying egl.cfg Antutu score is stable.
  5. He's still working... Its the guy that was helping Tillaz and Me and Fonz93 and many other people with AOSP stuff and he decided to do pure AOSP rom based off FusionX without any bugs or something also with AOSP Phone.apk YAY!
  6. Allright guys im totally stopping any work on this rom because I will do new rom based off H3ros's pure AOSP.
  7. A word from Xposed Framework Developer: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=52777507&postcount=7
  8. I will just make a quick patch today that will repair all bugs mentioned in first post. Edit: Ok so last patch for a long time arrived with bugfixes.
  9. Allright guys I'm pausing the development of this ROM for now. There is a lot of reasons. One of the is that H3ros is working on a pure AOSP ROM for our Y300 devices and he said that he will allow people to modify it. Another one is that Xposed has a lot of issues with new version now (already posled logcats on xposed forums). And main one is that I will have exams from 05.21 to 06.18. To fix HKthemeManager reinstall it with this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-U7pCNeAa0ka3VJWXMxYlVQRGM/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Im framework of ROM? I did nothing with it from first version. And I didn't modified Xposed Framework at all.
  11. 2.6 still shows that its not installed, GravityBox doesn't work with it.
  12. Try to change permissions of that /data/data/de.robv... folder to 744 i think.
  13. Guys I can't seem to make new version of Xposed Framework work. /edit/ guys DON'T update Xposed Framework. It's not compatible with all modules.
  14. This is because I didnt added this "combo" to OTA updater site yet. This is not a bug this just means there are no OTA updates at this time. You will get your updates when they come. Also they are not really my final exams so I will be able probably today or tommorow release update.