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  1. I just said that my phone with this custom rom have bug.. What is problem? I didn't say anything bad for you, or your work..
  2. Same problem with waking up phone.. Somethimes i can't answer the call... I think I will go back on 4.4.2. If Konsta don't fix this bug..
  3. One sugestion, Konsta, if you make new version of this custom rom, could you in apps add Task Manager? Task manager like one in stock rom on zte blade 3.. Because i can't kill aplications, and games like Subway Surf and etc are pretty laggy :/ And task manager from google play are bad, and my phone is more slow with them..
  4. How to change temperature on widget from F to C on 4.4.2?
  5. Can someone send me tutorial how to root this phone? I need it for my sister, she have Zte Blade (Fashion TV) If someone can send me valid link or say me how to root this phone, I will be gratefull.. I want to install this custom rom...
  6. I want to use keyboard from this rom, because I like it.. I now use Touch Pal X, which I used on stock ROM, on my Blade 3.. He have Serbian latin and Cyrilic (I will upload ss) On keyboard in this custom rom, Croatian isn't good.. There miss letters like ć,č,š,đ,ž etc.. Serbian latin, and Croatian are same, and i wanted to use Croatian, if I don't have Serbian latin, but Croatian on this keyboard is bad.. There screenshot from Touch Pal X
  7. Hey, just to say, I just restarde phone, and now everything works perfect :)) Tnx everyone for help.. I have one more question.. I there way to instal Serbian (Latin) language pack for keyboard? There is one Serbian language pack but, Cyrilic.. I need both Latin andd Cyrilic.. Tnx for help! :)
  8. Hi, this rom i really god, but I have one problem.. When I take a call, and put my phone on ear screen locks, but when i put phone down, screen doesnt unlock.. And i can't hang up.. Sorry for bad english :D
  9. This is badass! You are my hero, everything work perfect! :) You are the best KonstanT