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  1. Thanks Topo01 setting flight mode sorted out slow running. Only issue is that in flight mode I cannot use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but thanks again for responding and helping I am now going to look at gerhardo's suggestion
  2. Hi, Firstly thanks for great ROM. With a SIM card in the phone ROM runs OK. If I take the SIM card out phone is then virtually unusable as everything slows right down. Does anyone else have this problem, know a way round this? I take out the SIM to put it in one of my other phones, but I would still like to use my blade without a SIM.
  3. Great work with the ROM, runs very smooth and stable, many thanks. install no problem following instructions. Prior to this ROM I used Link2SD to create more space on my ZTE Blade and it worked well. This ROM has Int2SD script as part of the ROM installation. What are the benefits of having Int2SD built in over using Link2SD? How can I tell how much real internal memory is used/free? Are there any options I can choose to configure Int2SD, or does it just do what's necessary without any input from me?