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  1. Hi. Can anyone help me with deleting /system/lib/libjni_latinimegoogle.so ? From CWM i cannot find an option to explore the file system. From TWRP my touchscreen doesnt work so i cannot do anything. I installed ES File Explorer and granted it root access. But /system/lib is mounted as read-only so I still cannot delete it. Anyone has any ideas on how i can delete the file?
  2. Reverting G510 to stock

    So I would need to install TWRP on that phone, right?
  3. Reverting G510 to stock

    No, not Vodafone. I have a friend who has the same phone bought 2-3 days apart from the same Vodafone store. After checking for updates, still b195. Btw, could i create an UPDATE.APP from his phone to use in mine? The ROM should be right what i need..
  4. Reverting G510 to stock

    I installed a stock B199 image on the device, and that seemed to work. After that is used 'local update' to try out different update.app files. However i cannot find a Vodafone B193 or B195 image. (The phone originally had B193 but received the B195 update)... Tried the European version, but it is not what i need. Looks like i will have to return it this way and hope for the best, as i could not find any vodafone update.app
  5. Reverting G510 to stock

    Hello. Sorry for late reply. Did not have access to pc :P. It behaves the same way..stuck the the boot-up animation screen. However i notices a few errors after flashing the .zip in the earlier like (G510-B193-Europe.zip). It says: After that it says it flashed a few .img files and it was successful. A few errors might have been before (only seen these as the 'Unable to find partition size for /recovery' error is the 1st line in the log). I will reflash a little later and will post an update if more errors are shows while flashing. But still wont go past the android boot-up screen. UPDATE: Tried to flash again to observe errors..but now no errors. But phone still stuck after reboot..
  6. Reverting G510 to stock

    Ty for making the zip. However after flashing it, the phone is stuck.. i get the 'android' logo (this one; http://techwikasta.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/EmulatorBootAnim.jpg) and nothing happens.. after 1 hour i took the battery out.. However i do notice that CWM is gone and the original recovery is installed. I will try using TWRP but it should behave the same..
  7. Reverting G510 to stock

    Ok, ty :D just tell me when it's up :P
  8. Reverting G510 to stock

    I cannot download the file... it says "the file you are trying to download is no longer available" :(. Maybe bad URL? Or they deleted it.. If they deleted it, could you maybe upload it to something like google drive and i will post here once it is downloaded so you can delete it (so it won't take up space)?
  9. Reverting G510 to stock

    No, I do not have a backup of anything.. Btw, did one of the files above worked fine? If yes, could you tell me which one?
  10. Reverting G510 to stock

    I am guessing the one you found on mega.co.nz is the same one i sent, as that was the only link i could find with a b193 romanian update.app. I am guessing that if i flash a UK update.app it should still work, if it's made for g510-0100 and it is B193.. Right? If yes, here is the official link: http://consumer.huawei.com/en/mobile-phones/support/downloads/g510-en.htm From what i can tell, this file is the same as the one i sent originally (same file size in bytes). Huawei had a link for the romanian version for update.app but it does not work anymore.. I downloaded it a while back, but i am not sure if this is it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-YpBwSQNrniRWxzSXVFa1Noajg/view?usp=sharing This file appears to be a little different that the other ones. By the way, thank you very much for helping me!
  11. Reverting G510 to stock

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-YpBwSQNrniU0VPOEp0a2QtcGc/view?usp=sharing it is 1.2 gigs.
  12. Reverting G510 to stock

    My stock should be B193. I am guessing B170 will not work for me. What file is that in your link? I am asking so that i might locate the one needed for B193
  13. Hello. My G510 started going bad a few days ago. The top of the touchscreen is not working anymore. So, this means i need to take it back to Vodafone as it still is under warranty. Im guessing I'll need to reflash the original ROM on it, or else they will send me back home. I got the UPDATE.APP file for Vodafone Romania.. but i cannot flash it. I created a 'dload' folder on my SD card (so external storage, not internal) with the UPDATE.APP file inside. However, Volume up + down + power got me into CWM. After that, i found a nice tutorial for restoring the original recovery. It was a script that depackaged the update.app and one of the files was the recovery image. Flashed it using fastboot and now i got the original recovery (at least i think it is). Still, pressing Volume up+down+power does not automatically start installing the update.app, it just gets me into a recovery similar to CWM (but not the same..black background, an opened droid icon at the start). After getting into this recovery, i go to the 'install from sd card' option and i select my update.app file. But it fails. I have no idea on what I should do next...
  14. Also, i am experiencing blackscreen, even with the fix. I cannot wake the phone. Pressing the unlock button lights up the 3 hardware buttons, but that's it. They turn off after a few seconds.
  15. Hmm, looks like i needed a reboot. Works fine now. Ty.