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  1. Installed Fluffy Rom v2 a couple of days ago. I have to admit that this is a great piece of SW. After buying my G510 I was kind of disappointed about the performance. While keeping in mind that this was one of the cheapest devices to buy, I got more and more annoyed by the lags of the original firmware. Installing Fluffy ROM things turned out to be performing much better - games work fine, returning to homescreen now works nearly instantly no matter how many applications are running in background... Long words short: This rom makes me happy. Just one thing which might be of interrest to other users: After installing everything was performing fine except of music (mp3) playback from SDcard. No matter which player I was using, there was always stuttering. Not only when performing other tasks while music was playing in background but also when only music player was running. The solution is easy: After installing CeXstel kernel v0.62 and switching I/O-scheduling to sio all problems were gone. General performance is still great and music playback now also works fine in background. @Dani2014: Ich bin begeistert! Endlich ist mein Telefon wirklich zu benutzen ohne mich aufzuregen. Tausend Dank für deine Arbeit!