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  1. How do OTA updates happen for UK mobiles?

    I won't be updating them by hand; there will be at least 2000 of them, and the phone's OS will be whatever the mobile operator ships with them. Its really an operator question rather than the OEM . The manufacturer will typically provide the OS to the operators who brand them, crapware etc. The same operators will (infrequently) send out updates (e.g.upgrade to KitKat)..the question is how the handset detects and retrieves the update. I am well aware of the Android fragmentation problems, and the benefits that iOS offers. This is happily extended to management APIs, so MDM can be standardised across them, again unlike Android. But in fact having automatic updates to the base image is not an advantage in terms of the custom software which will go on them, whether that's Android or iOS. If any ISV fails to certify and support their product on the latest version of the platform, patching the whole workforce to that version may break some business-critical application. Control and standardisation for IT servicing trumps what some vendor or operator wishes to foist on the users.
  2. How do OTA updates happen for UK mobiles?

    <yawn> yeah ok whatever Anybody with knowledge or experience of the actual question ?
  3. For UK-telco supplied Android mobiles - e.g. Samsung S4 from EE, vodafone, or O2 - how do OTA updates get triggered ? Would the OS poll for, and retrieve, updates via any old IP network ? Or does it the phone need the operator's SIM in it, and is this tied to identifying the availability of new updates and attempting to download them? Reason for asking - looking at deploying a few phones for company use and want to know if they can be received from the Telco, unboxed, joined to WiFi and told to search for and apply updates to whatever Android image is on there. i.e. without supplying a SIM, a Google account, Samsung account etc etc. Its been a while since I've had a 'stock' phone so I can't remember how this worked, and of course it may vary. Thanks in advance !