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  1. i have to say that it works great on the verry old SPV C500(even if it is not qvga) thanks again!
  2. New FREE Utility - NoData

    this app is great!! THANKS for this!
  3. Transport Tycoon OPEN Source

    some of them are
  4. so some people got the plungin for free i have have to pay for it??? it's a pity cuz i have no way to pay for cc, no paypal, no nothin... :cry:
  5. i have my c500 locked...i tried ota no luck... i tried No Warez.... it hasn't got the adequate permission.... :cry:
  6. damn menu

    tnx i found your reply... but i forgot to post here.... tnx... beta player is the cause of this!
  7. Java Screen Size

    try pressing keys 1 and 3 not soft1 and soft2 cuz most apps dont work with soft keys
  8. Cant change ringtone on C500

    tnx benjymous now i dont have to cold boot weekly :D
  9. Phone Won't Start

    @squall i have my light turned out and i tipe slower cuz i can't find the keys...
  10. Phone Won't Start

    it takes longer than a normal boot... u should try again and wait a couple more minutes the orange screen appears for a while then the windows screen and then it askes u to restart the phone... but it takes a while...
  11. then u must really use it.... damn games :D what device??? SPC 500??? :D
  12. cant change my ringtones

    it's hard restet.... that's how microsoft call it....
  13. i really really really really want it!!!! darn notthin' :cry:
  14. Cant change ringtone on C500

    so why are you ignoring my post??? ????

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