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  1. With me 24/07 is quite unstable, freezes frequently, and I had several reboots. Phone is perceptibly warm. Battery drain is serious, even when charging it never reaches 100%. On top of that I cannot access my google contact list, in fact contacts are absent among the google account sync items. Contacts app is only using local data, when I try to add my google account to it, the system responds with "Unfortunately, Email has stopped". The only positive thing is that Quickoffice seems to work quicker. It always was very slow before. I wonder whether it is better to reinstall it or revert to an earlier build. Do others experience anything similar? Update - seems like the problem was more on the gapps side. Previous build was not able to fetch my contacts from the Google account with 23/07 opengapps either. However 24/07 build with 14/07 opengapps did it. (Although some strange things happened along the way) It now works, is less laggy, although there still are occasional 5-6 second freezes, the phone warms up, and there is significant battery drain.
  2. Glad you made it. Mine is just 8 gb. On apps2sd I am using the init.d option.
  3. I have it divided in three, second and third (ext4 and swap) are not visible to the system, it keeps telling there is a corrupted card, but apps4sd (by Vicky Bonick) uses them successfully. The first partition (fat32) is visible and usable, regardless of whether I tell the system it is portable or just ignore it. It is also usable to read/write data on a windows notebook when put into sd slot there. I never tried to tell the system to make it internal/adoptable. Frankly speaking I don't see any point in doing it. What's the difference?
  4. How did you partition the sd card?
  5. Had several reboots with 17/7 when sending sms :( Later update - also there is a battery drain from somewhere: was almost on zero after standby overnight starting fully charged
  6. 10/07 is still less laggy, although seems to be less stable too. I had a reboot when changing settings booted for the first time. Also had a couple of occasional freezes for about half a minute. Otherwise - quite OK.
  7. 03/07 seems to be less laggy than the previous build, although still (I think) laggier than the build before that. Is stable though. Battery life seems to be the best I have seen in chil360's builds so far.
  8. Have you tried battery recalibration?
  9. With me this version is VERY laggy :(
  10. Btw cannot one use Android Studio for that? Not that I am capable in any way, just curious...
  11. Well there is very little space, that's why.
  12. It is quite strange, nothing like this with me. Either there is some hardware factor fundamentally different between G330 and Y300, or we are using different apps that make the difference. There might be also something related to disk space. With apps2sd linking all non-system apps entirely from the sd, I have internal storage 529 mb of 1.11 gb used; also, I have disabled zram and instead have 120 mb swap (on a separate partition of the sd card). Maybe this also makes some difference?
  13. With smartmax and minimum speed 480 no blackscreens so far. However I have general feeling it is slightly more laggy than the previous build. Maybe I'm mistaken.
  14. Хотелось бы хоть немного информации, чем именно может быть интересен этот вариант deodexed cm13, как его лучше устанавливать - через recovery или через fastboot, такие вещи. Про второй файл я понял только, что он как-то связан с cd картой. Потому и говорю, что это что-то вроде чёрных ящиков, что там внутри непонятно.

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