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  1. With me it is smoother than the previous version which was laggier than the still previous one. No reboots so far. Contacts still crash, still using truedialer. No blackscreens so far - in fact with all builds of this rom together I had a blackscreen maybe 2-3 times.
  2. If you lookup the topic some pages ago, A-gapps was mentioned. Unfortunately with it my Y300 becomes extremely laggy and reboots spontaneously.
  3. Which one do you use? I tried opencamera, it also is FCing occasionally
  4. For me it is better as (so far) there are no reboots on incoming calls anymore (had occasionally with the previous build).
  5. During several builds I am flashing xposed framework together with rom and gapps (I am using it for BootManager). I believe busybox is there, also Apps2SD works without any prerequisites. Led does go off with me.
  6. Just checked with the 08/05 build (did not check for a while), native camera works, no fc. Btw dialer & contacts are still not functioning with me. Truedialer works. Later had some reboots and a blackscreen, don't know what triggered them
  7. Before deleting it you have to remount system as read-write by issuing mount -o remount,rw /system This can be done from command line when you are root - that is, when the command prompt is #. If it is anything else, first say "su"
  8. Just flashing. First very good news - wifi now works from the beginning!! Let's see... far the general experience is that this is the smoothest build of all up to date. No FCs so far too Update - good news: 24 hours of ordinary use without night recharging. Bad news: dialer still fc-ing, have to install truedialer. Update 2 - had a couple of reboots, most likely initiated by incoming calls. Not sure if this was the reason but if yes...
  9. With me the same happened on nano (when I was flashing the 17/04 build, actually there was no pico to choose for some reason, so I took nano). As for agapps, as I mentioned it caused problems for me, phone became gradually more and more laggy and unstable (several reboots)
  10. But this is the only problem - how to skip setup easily. After that, there are many easy ways to continue anyway
  11. My workaround is described in one of my above posts but it needs a cellular access point and adb (via usb). If you have access to cellular network internet via some access point and have adb on a computer, you connect the phone to it via usb, on the computer open a command prompt window and say there adb shell then am start On the phone, settings screen appears and there you may switch off wifi and configure cellular access point, then leave settings and continue with setup wizard, with me it was the only possibility I could find to continue setup.
  12. @ondrasouk mentioned a-gapps, so I tried it instead of opengapps with the 10/04 build, and with it setup was not stuck at wifi anymore, so it seems that the problem is with gapps compatibility. Unfortunately with me a-gapps became very laggy and unstable after a while, so had to revert to opengapps again.
  13. Mine dies immediately. logcat mentions tons of things, not sure which one is crucial, but there is a FATAL_EXCEPTION: Camera Handler Thread for example (Oh sorry I did not realize the question concerned the patch by John Mendez, I never tried it, did not even know it helps anything else beyond black screens (which I don't have), thought you ask about the latest build.)
  14. In my experience - yes, slightly.
  15. Did not help in my case. It effectively connects to my router, but still says there is no connection. Had to switch on apn again (Later) Otherwise there definitely are improvements - wifi is stable (so far), dialer and contacts do not crash anymore. It is also now more visible what was the main problem. With this build, when I invoked dialer for the first time, privacy guard asked whether it must be given access to my location. This never happened with previous builds, it started without this and then crashed after few seconds. So it seems the bottleneck is privacy guard behavior or something closely related to it. (After a while) Alas, I was too quick - dialer crashed again :(

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