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    zte blade 3
  1. hi i looking THIS video and i'm thinking how this phone is running MODERN COMBAT 4 Konstat help how this phone is running this game
  2. asko116


    Yes Konstat, your rom is better and the best, this hungary rom have many bugs !!! guys don't download this rom download this rom ----> Click here
  3. looking across all sites i found rom but the links not working for him please help :(
  4. asko116


    quote "Blade 3 stock ROM for user memory 391 MB, hjanos1 ROM for user memory 404 MB!" that the increase in RAM is impossible, Konstat how he did it?
  5. asko116


    can you repair it ? this rom is great and fast and android is starting fast like original rom
  6. asko116


    your phone was burned ...... maybe :D
  7. asko116


    where is the link for gapps ???
  8. update the links for the rom, hotfile not working
  9. asko116

    [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    why i cannot download the PAC rom ? link does work :(
  10. asko116

    Zte Blade 3 Only red light

    I had the same problem I gave it to the service (the phone was under warranty) and after 15 days they gave me a new phone if your phone is under warranty give it to the service if they ask what happened to him do not tell them that you changed Android if they do say security will be eliminated and will not repair or replace with a new one sorry for my very very bad english :)
  11. please make a mod for cm11 or 4.4.4kitkat with Brightness slider and Samsung galaxy s4 style toggles thanks :)
  12. asko116

    I'm desperate, Blade 3 won't turn on.

    your phone is dead or has burnt motherboard, I had the same problem if your phone is still under warranty, give it to the service will replace it with a new one and don't tell them that you changed the android or root your phone because warranty will lapse ;) sorry for my bad english :)
  13. asko116

    [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    please make a second 4.4.4kitkat rom with internal sdcard storage :( or tell me how do i make it self
  14. I can not download this ROM please renew the download link with mediafire !