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  1. Thanks bro, working like a charm again! :)
  2. This is very annoying, this is exactly the problem i got.... Rude to ask, but when can we expect a fix ? Or give us instruction how to fix the value... Thanks in advance!
  3. This suddenly started to be slow as snail.... Lag of 2-5 seconds even more.... I haven't installed any apps for a month, and im a very light user. How can i detect whats slowing it down ? This is a great rom, i would love to stay on it !
  4. How can i have latest version of Xposed with this rom ? I've downloaded xposed apk, removed one that came with the rom, installed apk i downloaded but i get "The latest version of Xposed is currently not active. Did you install the framework and reboot ?"
  5. New guy here, quick question :) If i do a full wipe, sd card and everything, how do i transfer rom to the root of sd card so i can start a clean install ? Also, how do i completly remove Nova Launcher so i can install prime version ? Regards.