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  1. ZTE Blade III stock ROMs

  2. ZTE Blade III stock ROMs

    I say? What say i? Yes. I'm ended. but i'm 2 months ago tested with instlling (firmwared) with FTM mode. But never iOS installing, have Launcher. Like iOS7. On my have 2 question? 1. What is msm7x27a. 2. I restored stock recovery, but can't restoring stock rom (Signature Verification Failed). I can fix it.
  3. ZTE Blade III stock ROMs

    Yes, laughing, laugh! I'm after backed stock rom, i upload it and i'm laughing and your sit downing silently :D Sorrry, for my bad english knowledge!
  4. ZTE Blade III stock ROMs

    KonstaT, you is don't trust to my post. I'm if backed stock rom succesfully, i'm upload my CWM Backup. I'm used and it's worked. TouchWiz apk have in /system folder.*** THIS OFFICIAL KIES FIRMWARE WAS NOT ROOTED, ASLO I ROOTED WITH CWM BY YOUR INSTRUCTION ***
  5. ZTE Blade III stock ROMs

    I can pack (archive) this firmware, i'm currently using your Android 4.4.4. I installed Stock Recovery, but failing when installing Stock ROM. problem: signature verified failed. I need stock rom for update. If installed i backup this firmware with CWM Recovery and upload.
  6. ZTE Blade III stock ROMs

    I can upload firmware, Android 4.3 updated, but design is TouchWiz. But no CyanogenMod. :):D
  7. Stats for the week have arrived. 2 new followers and NO unfollowers :) via http://t.co/YFmfMLzaWz.

  8. ZTE Blade III stock ROMs

    Hi ZteLegend! Samsung Blade 3 phone not avaliable and Samsung doesn't build Blade 3 model, that ZTE registered Blade 3 model in the world.
  9. ZTE Blade III stock ROMs

    Hi KonstaT! Samsung Kies app flashes all new (after 2010) phones, except Lenovo, XIAOMI and Acer Smartphones :) I'm tested it and worked, here original http://www.mobicpc.com/how-to-update-zte-blade-3-to-android-4-3.html Test on your ZTE Blade III, is worked you're donate to me?
  10. Hi, KonstaT! I tested Android 4.4.4 and it's awesome, high-performance, ART cache powered (i'm tested, works great on my phone and supported aslo Subway Surf game, before it my phone is crashed when gaming). Android 4.4.4 without issue or problems, all features will be works great! But last one week my phone is broked by me! I'm changed build.prop on /system folder with ES Explorer (root accessed), changed permission to R/W and my phone won't startup! I can fix it, Thank you for answer! Sorry, for my bad English!
  11. RT @Wakusya: Сервис GidLike - для бесплатного продвижения в соц.сети вконтакте http://t.co/T2BQJMqqDj

  12. RT @NEWSTIMEinfo: Киев признал отсутствие Русских боевиков на востоке Украины » Время Новостей Украины и Мира http://t.co/5LFBZFQpyt

  13. ZTE Blade III stock ROMs

    Hi, siddhy89! Your device rom now are stock ROM? If yes, I'm recommend update your Android OS version with Kies! Download Kies, Run! Step by step guide for update your OS with Kies: 1. Enable your device with OS Mode (your Android standart mode) 2. Enable debugging. (if device drive is not installed, install) 3. Kies (not Lite version) -> Tools -> Update firmware and initialization -> Type your device Model -> Confirm!
  14. RT @Lukas_Raeder: Starke Einlage mit dem Mic als MC. http://t.co/lbcXp194NC

  15. ZTE Blade III stock ROMs

    Hi, joxym! For your problem have some ways to fix it! Please check and/or test your connection. 1. If have your PC, i recommend Internet Download Manager for download ROM or your other files. 2. If your use only phone, i recomment download it with ES Explorer If your problem is fixed, please dont forget say Thank you (or Donate) to KonstaT!